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  1. Just train it through combat! slayer is a good way and so is abyssal demons or going into the abyss and afking there
  2. I hope I can earn it one day. I've only won 50 mil before LOL and like you gotten useless weapons as well.
  3. I'm mostly a mage. I could tell you mage wise but I can't really add much here unfortunately. Fuzzy joe seems to have the idea though. I've always heard good things about blightbounds though so there is that.
  4. Good update! Be the best inventor you can be!
  5. Good work slayer..keep on slaying!
  6. welcome to RuneHQ!

  7. Numerous One has good ideas. I wish I had some myself. I hope you figure this out.
  8. That sucks I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can find employment elsewhere.
  9. Like I said I probably could help you with all of them. I think I can handle them. If we do story mode together I don't think it'll be an issue. I'll know what to do.
  10. Big congrats! You can do it! Invention is totally worth!!
  11. I'm pretty excited to see what it's about. What saddens me is I won't really be able to keep up or see the game for myself by playing it. I'll have to watch those famous youtubers who always cover new games. Sadface. I miss being able to actually play them for myself like I did back when the first The Last of Us came out. But oh well. I'm still excited to see what will happen! I still think the first is one of the best games ever; I hope the second one changes my mind!
  12. Haha okay! Hope the best for you then!
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