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  1. That is nothing. 1- I have 37 masters sitting around right now, and 2- Have you SEEN @ChathMurrpau's bank?
  2. Well damn I've never experienced that for myself. That really is the beginning of the end. Glad I trained up to 96 before grinding out shark soup.
  3. If you want numbers for after the removal, I have a stack of numbers for you Sapphire 399 Emerald 446 Ruby 454 Diamond 372 Dstone 226
  4. I'm currently listening to my cat yelling that no one loves her (completely untrue), and "First Date" by Ninja Sex Party.
  5. Nerd =/= geek I know, but it's the closest I had. Welcome aboard!
  6. 3ter 1

    Needle Skips

    During chapter 2 I found 2 of the memories didn't unlock with the ones listed ("Silly old sheep" and "Gilly"), I found that "cloak" and "baba" unlock them.
  7. 1 more year until you can once again claim that you are in your prime! Happy rotations around the sun!

  8. My thoughts- can we pick out different houses than ones straight out of the books/movies? I like the idea of us making up our own or basing names on rs3 ideas.
  9. Happy Birthday! May your sleep be restful and your company be joyous!

  10. Two worker district locations for you also, it might be a good idea to add something to the emote clue "Panic in the heart of the Haunted Woods" as "heart" isn't very specific. I've spent way too many minutes trying to get the spot right.