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  1. I knew wedding planning was a mess, but wow do people go hard on the details. So many of these decisions Emma and I are just like "... but why though?"

  2. Why do you guys think this is up MY alley? I literally opened the game client and looked at the invention guide to lay this all out >.> Until you unlock Fishing-Rod-o-matic (level 22) you are typically best off just harvesting divine energy and disassembling logs (for cheap simple parts, which I recommend maple for), and making divine charges. Until you've had invention for awhile you won't have a lot of components or parts unless you want to dump money into the skill, which would allow you to make and fill gizmos for better xp. From there I recommend fishing with the rodomatic until level 10, disassembling, and making a new one until you reach level 27 for the equipment siphon. At that point, invention is just a matter of augmenting your weapons, tools, and armor, and then siphoning it when the item reaches level 12.
  3. "Grand Poobah De-Doink of All of This and That" - Great title would recommend

  4. Hurrah! We're back again! Many thanks to Sirius for squishing away.

  5. You don't upgrade POP armor. You have to make it superior when it's first made.
  6. That is nothing. 1- I have 37 masters sitting around right now, and 2- Have you SEEN @ChathMurrpau's bank?
  7. Well damn I've never experienced that for myself. That really is the beginning of the end. Glad I trained up to 96 before grinding out shark soup.
  8. If you want numbers for after the removal, I have a stack of numbers for you Sapphire 455 Emerald 505 Ruby 514 Diamond 431 Dstone 275
  9. I'm currently listening to my cat yelling that no one loves her (completely untrue), and "First Date" by Ninja Sex Party.
  10. Nerd =/= geek I know, but it's the closest I had. Welcome aboard!
  11. During chapter 2 I found 2 of the memories didn't unlock with the ones listed ("Silly old sheep" and "Gilly"), I found that "cloak" and "baba" unlock them.
  12. 1 more year until you can once again claim that you are in your prime! Happy rotations around the sun!

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