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  1. Toeby

    99 Arch!

    I hated training this myself.. I don't care how easy it is. Congrats bud!
  2. Gotta love the 2fers, congrats!
  3. Love to see it Scott! Congrats bud!
  4. Woooo congrats bud!
  5. Awesome! Congrats bud!
  6. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    "Re" Thanks for the grats but it was my first ever ha ha. Divination actually isn't so bad thanks to the lovely people within the "corehunting" fc. They have a discord as well with pings for parties etc. They will be hosting during the dxp as well! Hope to see you there!
  7. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    So.. that happened. So, guess quest cape is next.
  8. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    98 arch I'm less than 500k to 99, with arch being my last 99 needed for max. So.. ummm.. yeah.. guess that'll be happening this week.
  9. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    90 arch woop woop
  10. Toeby

    The Daily Toe

    Hit 87 arch.. on my way to that max/ last 99
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