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  1. This is the perfect place for those. Thanks for the help it is very much appreciated.
  2. Still got around 2.5k crims and 2.5k blues so more to come...
  3. So Day 2 of DXPW provided the following: Summ 104, 105, 106 Smithing 102 Crossed 525m total XP
  4. So Day 1 of DXPW provided the following: Crafting 101 Range 100 Summ 101, 102, 103
  5. As long as I get it done before next quest comes out yes.
  6. Finished One of a Kind. (Only Sliske's End Game left) Got 102 attack and 104 invention
  7. Got 102 Constitution and 105 Slayer today
  8. Priff thieving is so AFK especially with new noted drop and cape perk. Can do all 8 clans and bank twice but it is also decent money for how AFK it is.
  9. More like a Magic Sandcastle... Also got 107 Thieving yesterday
  10. Recently got 102 Construction and 100 Magic
  11. You might as well add me I usually do all of them. RSN is the same Ksb Single
  12. I have One of a Kind and Slike's Endgame left for quests. Got 106 Thieving Also Today I passed 500M XP
  13. The Wife completed Children of Mah today so only have 2 quests left until Quest Cape.
  14. Basically a log of all the stuff I do in RS3. For first post the Beach provided me with 101 Construction.
  15. Your drop chart needs to be updated. I fight every day and without ring of wealth or elite tasks (I've completed all the hard level 3 tasks) I get 1 diamond, 1 dragon stone, 4 rubies, 2 sapphires, and 2 emeralds. I don't know how much gp I get but I assume that is probably different too.
  16. After completing Jungle Potion, You unlock Zogre Flesh Eaters.
  17. https://www.runehq.com/oldschoolminiquest/skippy-and-the-mogres Guest Laman80 Would probably be nice to mention in the "Items Needed:" a bowl of water and an empty cup
  18. 100% inaccurate, if you go solo range or melee you WILL NOT win, she takes to long to change forms and regenerates her health long before you're able to attack again with your given combat choice. This guide should clarify that. Do not go in with one combat.
  19. Per Hitori The spell should be used on the grey, Eastern stone; however out guide mistakenly says it's Western. Everything else appears to be correct.
  20. By Stabbjabb nature spirit quest The fungi is on west stone and the used spell is on east stone...it says both need to be on western stone which is incorrect.
  21. By nickhelms unlocks rolving elves quest
  22. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Battlefield you have it at chaos temple lmao figure it out once i wasn't getting anything and didn't look like map.... =P _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ File: oldschoolminigame/treasure-trails Section: oldschoolminigame Members: Yes Username: Dustweretrn Info: Problem in the elven town of lletya Anagram no owner _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ File: minigame/treasure-trails Section: minigame Members: Yes Username: to happy 102 Info: there not(a heart) find there person ? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ File: oldschoolminigame/treasure-trails Section: oldschoolminigame Members: Yes Username: 1ShotK1ll1 Info: guhcho refers or requires you to speak to Drezel from priest in peril _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ File: oldschoolminigame/treasure-trails Section: oldschoolminigame Members: Yes Username: FatherBarr Info: one in yanille behind blacksmith. I took pic of clue if you don't have it on hand _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ File: oldschoolminigame/treasure-trails Section: oldschoolminigame Members: Yes Username: FatherBarr Info: Update, to the west in the desert for the wise old man. got mixed up for a second. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Cipher reveals who to speak to next: GUHCHO Answer: Drezel _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OP: Clue scroll: Search/Riddle: "Dig where the skilled, the wealthy, and the brave can choose to never return" : Lumbridge Home Teleport and dig. This is a reference to tutorial island, but Lumbridge Home Teleport is the closest your can get to there, so I guess it works. RESPONSE: It's actually a direct reference to the first place you technically enter in the game after the tutorial, Lumbridge, it's a place you can choose to never return to. Tutorial island is somewhere you just can -not- return to at all, it's not an optional none return. However yes this clue does need adding to the Old School clue guide if it is not on the site. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ File: oldschoolminigame/treasure-trails Section: oldschoolminigame Members: Yes Username: Kaetonil Info: Kaylee in Sun rise bar in Falador next to the bank. It is related to the anagram "Leaky".
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