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Double Xp Live Competition - February

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RuneHQ is hosting a Double XP Live Competition this month! Its time to NOT waste your XP gains and GO claim every XP you can get! There are  prizes to be handed out to our TOP 5 lucky winners! Only RuneHQ clan members can join in on the fun. May the odds be in your favor!  Official Runescape Double XP info link Click Here . 

Practical info:

  • Overall skilling competition
  • Starts Friday February 19th (12:00 Game Time)
  • Ends  Monday march 1st (12:00 Game Time)
  • Top 5 Gets a GP prize (5M,3M,2M,1M,1M)
  • Competition tracker on Runeclan
  • People who are on the Pre sign-Up List are automatically added to every Competition!

Competition Rules:

  • One RSN per person
  • Join beforehand! otherwise you will have a slight disadvantage.
  • only RuneHQ clan Members can join! 
  • Staff can join and are enabled to win in the prizes!


RuneClan Competition link: https://www.runeclan.com/clan/RuneHQ/competitions?id=22069



Quick Art
Ksb Single
Aegis Miner
Dan The Rock














Pre Sign-up List

(Click image for Pre sign-Up List)

Don`t want to miss out any Competition? Sign Up here!

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Thanks everyone for participating in this comptition! Also a huge grats to everyone who gained huge amounts of Xp and levels!!

a Huge amount of 3,936,824,846 XP in total has been gained during Double XP for everyone! With that i decided to make a top 5 instead of a Top 3.

Top 5

  1. @Quick Art - 5M
  2. @Dan The Rock - 3M
  3. @moridin_1 - 2M
  4. @Telle - 1M
  5. @Alfawarlord - 1M
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