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February 04, 2019 - Twitch Prime

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Quote taken directly from www.oldschool.runescape.com



Twitch Prime

February 04 2019
Twitch Prime

Our Twitch Prime promotion is almost here - don't forget to use it to claim your 14 days of membership! This will run from 5th February through to 19th March. 

For those of you who missed our previous promotions, Twitch Prime is a premium service included as part of Amazon Prime membership. Benefits include bonus loot in your favourite games, a channel subscription every 30 days, and other gaming-related goodies. 

When it's live (around 5pm GMT this Tuesday), you can head over to this Support page if you have any problems or queries. The page will contain all the info you need to know about claiming your Twitch Prime subscription and linking it to your RuneScape account. 

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