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I'm giving a quarter billion RS3 gold, that's right 250M, away for my birthday this year! This will be a drawing-styled give away.

The only requirements? You must be an active member of the RuneHQ community. To enter, reply to this thread weekly for a single entry (resets on Wednesdays). Entries will close May 9th at midnight server time. Three people will be drawn for this: First name drawn will get 250M, second name drawn will get 20mil, third name drawn will get 10mil.

Inactive community members will be disqualified. Duplicated account owners will be disqualified. You must provide your IGN in your initial post, and your initial may not be edited - editing your initial post may result in disqualification. Reward will only be given to that RS account and is non-transferable (you can do that on your own if you wish).

To keep this thread not so spammy, it would be cool if your post included a random factoid, or some form of pun. 


Also part of this Birthday Bash is an Art contest. I'm in need of a new avatar and banner (think like cover photo on fb) . My interests recently are Fate/Stay night, Sword Art Online, anything runescape related.

To submit your work for this section, please DM me on the forums with your submission. 

25Mil to 1st place avatar and 25Mil to first place banner. This prize can be combined into one if no entry is made for the banner.

I will only use the winning artwork, unless permission is given after the contest has ended.

Deadline to submit to this contest is May 10th at midnight. Any submission that is not your own work will result in being disqualified from the contest AND drawing.


Winners will be announced May 10 to 14, depending on my work schedule.

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IGN: Jartegnir


Fun fact for those who never got to play RSC: Originally, every item was tradeable which allowed people to skip a lot of quest content and so they made some things untradeable.

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