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[RuneHQ Event] Birthday month ending parade

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With October ending and also our last day of celebrating our Birthday, our events team came up with a bunch of events packed in 1 day!! We will start off with a Birthday ending parade as usual at Lumbridge castle and ending at Falador party room! There we will drop a bunch of stuff for the grabs (total amount is a secret though!), meanwhile grab a beer at the nearest pub and enjoy the moment!! When the chest is empty we will gather at Wars Retreat to gear up for some ice cold fun at the Glacor Front in the Elder Godwars Dungeon at Senntisten!

This year will mark our 18th birthday and we'd like to thank everyone for their continued support! And to our staff: Keep up the good work!!

Dresscode: Halloween style!!

Event Details

Date: Sunday, October 31st
Time: 19:00 Game Time
FC: Quick Art
World: 60
Location: Lumbridge Castle




Discord details
Join here



We hope to see you all there!
- RuneHQ events team

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