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[RuneHQ Event] Kerapac

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The battlecries of the Nodon dragonkin are echoing throughout Senntisten after Jas has sent her most loyal pawn to reclaim the eggs of the Elder Gods. Join us at RuneHQ as we take the fight to Kerapac in hopes of stopping the invasion. Armed with two of the elder artifacts, Kerapac is ready to give you a great challenge. So gear up in your best gear and use the timechanging powers of the Needle to help bring this time-weaver to his knees, over and over, for a chance to grab some new items to empower your magic. Or if you're feeling particularly bold, turn up the difficulty for a chance at the pieces of Gielinor's most powerful stick, the staff of Armadyl. Good luck, and don't get caught in the timeloop!



Event Details
Date: Sunday, November 21st
Time: 19:00 Game Time
FC: Mr Quickk
World: 88
Location: Elder Godwars Dungeon - Nodon Front



Discord details
Join here



We hope to see you all there!
RuneHQ Events Team

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