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[RuneHQ Event] Hard Mode General Graardor

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    In a cold stronghold where the last of the followers of Bandos reside behind a strong gate. Only the strongest and bravest adventurers will have the courage to enter this huge stronghold of Bandos. Those who enter and kill the last remaining General of Bandos, Graardor, may find pieces of the sacred Bandos Godsword or Bandosian armor pieces that provide strength bonuses to warriors. Are you brave enough to enter Bandos' Stronghold and claim the great riches if you are to survive?

    For more information about this boss, see here.



 Event Details
    Date: Saturday, 25th June
    Time: 18:00 Game Time
    FC: Sy Accursed
    World: 88
    Location: Bandos' Stronghold - God Wars Dungeon



    Discord details
    Join here



    We hope to see you all there!
     RuneHQ Events Team

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