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Competition Time!


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Its competition time!

its not going to be easy but think you have the will power to destroy this Lore based Runescape Quiz 

Winner Will be Decided on 1/02/2020 and inbox here! 

Prize 1st 1 bond  2nd: 5 million GP 3rd: 2 million GP

Quiz Answer PM to me Directly! don't want people copying your answers now do we 😉

1. How many Elder Gods are There?

1a Bonus points! name each of the Elder Gods, Bonus points for each one

2, True or False, Do the Dragonkin die of age?

3. Warrior's of what, Created the duel arena?

4. What age did Zaros arrive?

5. Who Stole and hid The Staff of Armadyl?

6. Guthix is the God of what?

7. What god Discovered High-Alchemy?

8. What god Fell in love with the Elves?

Good luck 😄 Remember All Answer's to be posted to me 🙂

if More then 1 person gets all points Winner will be randomly Drawn 

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  • 2 weeks later...

quick art 10 pointas
zandha 12 points
hope 12 points
nashor 10
jediez 12

had to pick out names from random due to some clever peeps out there

2. jediez
3. Zandahar

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