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Pre sign-up List

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With the previous list outdated, i`m going to make a new one. 

If you are one of the people on this list you are instantly signed up for every competition!

If you're interested reply with your forum name and RSN; 


Current Participants

  • Quick Art - Same
  • Ksb Single - Same
  • Senug - Senug5
  • Souls_Black - souls blacks
  • ChathMurrpau - Same
  • Hope - Hope 1789
  • Aaros - Aaros
  • Graystar - Same
  • Aegis Miner - Same
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15 hours ago, ChathMurrpau said:

I am the reason this type of list exists lol

Want to sign up for this one too? I know you always wanted to auto-sign up for skill comps.

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2 hours ago, Hope said:

Is this a challenge??? 😛

Bring it on lol 😄

It’s been a long time since we haven’t had a skill comp so this is a great return.

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We should have an honorary reward (like 500gp) for the lowest gains over X value (like 500k or something bc 0 is a you didn't even participate).....

Another one for closest to a randomly generated number ranging from lowest to highest gains could be interesting too.... I may need to unofficially make those a thing lol

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