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What is this Forum for?

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I'm sure some of you have that question in mind, so to clear those doubts you may have here's some information:

RuneHQ's Forum Staff is in charge of handpicking pertinent suggestions made by all of you (our awesome members) and transmit them for Jagex's consideration.

Please note that this does not mean that the suggestions in this forum will be implemented to the game; we cannot guarantee that. We will just send them to Jagex (which pretty cool already isn't it?), what happens next is up to the Jagex Moderators.

So keep coming with your ideas! And if they are good ones, they probably will end here! Although, before making any suggestion please always have in mind our  Forbidden Suggestions.

For any extra doubts you may have that our pinned topics in these forums did not clear, feel always free to contact a Forum Moderator, the Forum Manager, or the Forum Admin. However, please don't even bother trying to PM any member of our Staff to get your suggestion sponsored, doing so will not have any positive effect.

Happy Suggesting!

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