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Suggestion Guidelines

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In the hopes that we will begin to have an influx of suggestions being made we hope that you will all read through these guidelines before posting.

  • Before making a suggestion, look through the first page or two of posts. If you see a topic that is already suggesting what you were planning on suggesting yourself, why not post your ideas in that topic? Combining the ideas of two people into one can greatly increase the quality of a suggestion. Also, make sure what you're suggesting has not already been announce. For example, the Dragon Pickaxe has already been announced by Jagex, so there is no need to suggest the addition of one.
  • Do not suggest anything covered in Forbidden Suggestions.
  • Give a reason for making the suggestions, and be clear about what you want added. Elaborate and give examples.
  • Make sure you use good spelling and grammar. Nearly every computer has a word processor that can do a spelling and grammar check. While not perfect, it is better than posting a topic that is littered with errors.

Finally, make sure that before you suggest something, that you are able to take criticism. We love people making suggestions, but all ideas have small problems or issues to critique. Criticism is how you can improve a suggestion, so be sure that you can take a bit of criticism when it is needed.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM any of our Forum Moderators or our Forum Manager and we'll be happy to help. 

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