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Forbidden Suggestions

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Hello everyone,

While we welcome all Suggestions for game improvements and additions in this board, there are certain things which we do ask users not to suggest for various reasons. These reasons include frequent flaming of similar topics in the past, topics causing F2P vs. P2P arguments, ideas that have been suggested many times and are not discussed constructively, etc.

This topic contains a list, derived from Jagex's official list, of forbidden suggestions. You may not post a suggestion that is on this list, but you may post any other suggestions.

Users making these suggestions will have their topics locked and receive a message from a Moderator reminding them to check what is allowed in the rules, and repeat offences will result in discipline.

This is the list of forbidden suggestions:

  • Adult content
  • Aging, Growing, Children, etc
  • Any members benefits added to free to play
  • Any form of free RS membership, as a reward of something or as "demo"
  • Bodily functions
  • Celebrating other holidays
  • F2P quests
  • Make current items stackable
  • New PINs of any kind
  • Adding more slots to the inventory.

If your suggestion is on the list, and you believe it to be valid and credible, then please PM a Forum Moderator and they can look into it for you.


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