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Shield of Arrav Quest - Need Partner

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Need help on an 07 (aka OSRS) quest like Shield of Arrav or Heroes' quest? Look no further!



When requesting a partner please try to be as patient as possible. We greatly suggest trying to contact at least a couple of names on the list when you are placing your own name on the list. Simply post in this topic what quest you need help in, the best way to contact you, your RuneScape name, and when you're available.



Runescape name: Sirius XM
Gang you are in: Phoenix
Quest: Heroes' Quest
Best way to contact you: TeamSpeak
Playtime/Timezone: 3-6pm EST



(failure to include at least username, quest, and how to contact you will result in your post being deleted immediately)


When your request has been fulfilled please edit your post to strike through "S" and put "COMPLETED" in a brighter font above the other text. This helps everyone here to keep a clean and organized topic, and also ensures those who need help get it in a timely manner and you won't be bombarded with requests after you have finished the quest, or at least not as much.




RS username: RSN001

Gang you are in: Phoenix

Quest: Heroes: Quest

Best way to contact you: forums, in game

Playtime/Timezone: 3pm-9pm CST




 Note that for the Shield of Arrav quest, you must find another player who has NOT completed the quest. For the Heroes' Quest, you can partner with a player who has already completed the quest.

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Hi There,


I need a partner to do shield of arrav quest with me. must have NOT done the quest so we can do it together


add me , Name is 2020_Falcons.


Im usually on world 483 

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Runescape name: millrat92
Gang you are in: phoenix gang
Quest: Heroes' Quest
Best way to contact you: in game, via email-- rainflooder@gmail.com
Playtime/Timezone: any

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Runescape name: SenorBlazex
Gang you are in: Black Arms Gang
Quest: Heroes' Quest
Best way to contact you: Email: Whaas487@mtroyal.ca
Playtime/Timezone: MST - but will make it work (any)

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