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October 5, 2020 - This Week In RuneScape - 05/10/20

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This Week In RuneScape - 05/10/20

 Game Updates

This Week In RuneScape - 05/10/20

Hello, and welcome to this week’s newspost! While we’re in the welcoming mood, don’t forget to pop down to Lumbridge Crater and say hi to the Charity Representatives who’ve set up shop there for Gielinorian Giving. We’ve also got the usual array of fixes and changes in the Patch Notes tab, and some extremely sus individuals in the Community Tab.

This week’s main update is Gielinorian Giving, a charity bonanza where you can win some mind-blowing prizes. We’ve also got an update on the Archaeology XP Embargo, and some exciting stuff about Interface Scaling – you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Gielinorian Giving

On October 10th it’s World Mental Health Day and to celebrate we’re hosting a two week-long extravaganza filled with opportunities to learn about mental health, contribute to a great cause, and, of course, earn some fabulous loot!

This event will run from today until October 18th, so you’ve got loads of time to experience the joy of Gielinorian Giving.

To kick things off, we’ve invited representatives from all three of our Charity Partners to Lumbridge Crater where they’re ready and waiting to talk all about the amazing work they do. Here’s the twist: they’ve got some questions for you too! Every two days the charity representatives will have a new brainteaser for you. Answer correctly and you’ll receive Lamps and Traveling Artisan Patches.

Woah, woah, what’s that about a Traveling Artisan? Well, this time around our charitable friends aren’t the only ones visiting Gielinor – Ulric, the Bastion of Fortitude himself and an accomplished Traveling Artisan, has set up shop in the Lumbridge Crater as well. He’s got all sorts of plans and blueprints, but needs your help to make his ideas a reality. Bring him materials (or replace any missing components with Traveling Artisan Patches) and he’ll craft you a range of exciting rewards, including the Guardian of Fortitude Armour*.

Ulric’s also been able to reverse-engineer a few rewards from previous years’ charity events, including Eugene the Brain, Scoop and Percy the yetis, the cuddly Brain Plushie and, of course, the Bastion of Fortitude Armour.

Since Gielinorian Giving is a charity event, any money raised throughout will be split between our three Charity Partners – Rise Above the Disorder, CPSL Mind and the Prince’s Trust. Your contribution will help them to tackle the stigma around mental health, run workshops and courses for young people still finding their feet and help gamers all over the world to access mental health resources. They do some truly incredible work, so let’s give them a big Gielinorian welcome!

*We are aware of some minor clipping issues with the Guardian of Fortitude leg armour and should have a fix for this soon in a future update!

Archaeology XP Embargo

We’ve got an apology to make – last week there was some confusion regarding the end date for the Archaeology XP Embargo. The date was revised late last week but due to an internal communication error we did not inform you all in time.

The revised date is October 19th, after which point you’ll be able to use Lamps, Stars, Auras and any other XP-boosting buffs you can get your hands on to boost your Archaeology XP gains.

We can confirm that the end of the grace period for Completionist Cape and Trimmed Completionist Cape Achievements ended on September 30th, and the 2% XP boost from the Kerapac Track also came into effect on that date.


- The RuneScape Team

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