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Social Circle Guidelines

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Welcome to the Social Circle. As on of the broadest categories on RuneHQ's forums we have a few specialty rules. These rules work in conjunction with the main RuneHQ rules to ensure everyone is happy and safe.


General Information

  • The Social Circle category is moderated by the RuneHQ Forum Moderators. However, if your question concerns RuneHQ as a whole then direct those questions to the users in the Site Admins or the Forum Managers groups; those staff members administrate and manage the RuneHQ website and forums. Users in the Site Admin group should be contacted as a last resort.
  • The topics posted in any Social Circle forum have an automatic close time. This means that the topics in this category will be closed after  one month of inactivity. This is done at the discretion of the staff. Topics are closed after a certain period of time to reduce the amount of spam posts and to encourage new, fresh conversations. But, if a topic is closed, and you would like to post in it, you may PM one of the Moderators asking for the thread to be reopened. Depending on how old the thread is your request may be denied.
  • All pinned topics in a Social Circle forum serve as amendments to these rules and should be followed as if they existed within this topic. The rules listed within this topic apply globally to all of the forums in the Social Circle, and must be followed in conjunction with the global RuneHQ forum rules.


Category Rules

  • All posts, regardless of forum posted in, must be appropriate for children. Any user who makes an inappropriate post will be reprimanded. Children use the RuneHQ website and forums so all posts must be appropriate for younger age groups.
  • Topics within any of the general public forums (Excluding the Graphics Creations section) may have up to 500kb of images on any single page.
    • If your topic requires more than that allotted amount of space contact a Moderator via PM with your topic link, a description of your topic, and that you would like a 500kb grant. They will document that you've requested a 500kb+ grant and, in most cases, will tell you that your request has been accepted. In the Topic Description field of your topic you MUST display "Warning, over 500kb of images". This is done because some of the users at RuneHQ have a slower internet speed and these image heavy topics cause the topic to load for a long time. You may not grant yourself an exemption.
  • You may not sell images of any kind for RuneScape gold, services, items, or anything similar. You may give away your work or sell it for real money. RuneHQ is not responsible for loss of any items (real or fake), account(s), or for you getting ripped off or scammed.
  • Links to other websites are allowed if posted in the appropriate places and the website itself can be reasonably assumed to be appropriate. These cannot be linked to other fan sites because we cannot be sure they are appropriate for our users.
    • Example: a link to a graphics website posted in a graphic related forum.
    • A link to a malicious website will result in the poster being immediately banned from the RuneHQ forums; the user may appeal the ban in 7 days if it was issued in error.
  • Please do not use images that are animated to extremely fast properties. Some users may have health issues that can be triggered by these types of images.
  • Plagiarism is very serious and we do not tolerate it! Plagiarism is stealing or copying another person's media and claiming it as your own. By not crediting someone for their work you are claiming the image is your own. Users who commit plagiarism will not be treated lightly.
  • Citing work in the Debate forum differs case to case. If you use a well known fact you do not have to cite it. But, if you quote or paraphrase an article you must cite it. At the very least, however, you must say what publisher you obtained the information from (CNN, Fox News, NBC, etc.).


Any questions that you have can be directed to a RuneHQ Forum Moderator.


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