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    Nice, congrats! Go for hunter before they nerf *ahem* "update" it. Lol
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    I think you need to feed it. It looks awfully bony. Grats on the new pet!
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    I was considering joking that you should do that Congrats again
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    Too many choices wtg!!
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    Wow, the Rednar is strong with you...
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    Congrats on getting the pet.... again!
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    Better late than never. Grats!
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    That's a nice find!
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    Wow, huge congrats bud!
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    I have not personally gotten one but I have heard that people have gotten them since the priff gem rock change. So can't give 100% answer but fairly certain it can happen.
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    HA! Yeah quite a few Already done No clue, I need to make some money somehow. I don't have enough to boss plus I'm pretty bad at it. So I've got to figure out how I'm gonna do that first. I did Thanks everyone!
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    consider that year the scenic route well done
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    Medium CoOrdinate Clue 00 degrees 18 minutes south 09 degrees 28 minutes east Gold rocks no longer in game. Dig in same spot. Image screen shot included.
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    Search the Chests in the Dwarven Mine Go down the ladder from the Dwarven mine north of Falador and run South then west then south to Hura the crossbow merchant. The chest is nearby.
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    the clue that says to search the crate in Barbarian village. on runehq it says to search in Al Kharid.That is wrong.
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    big words.
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    Looks like you have a 99 in procrastination... Good job on getting resalted.
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    Added Updated
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    @Alfawarlord Why is it that I'm still a grunt in game? Is it punishment for leaving for a couple of weeks?
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    Nice, congrats bud!
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    Congrats Medic PS. What Toeby said
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    Just gonna leave this... right... here...
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    Grats on the 120 and beating the nerf!
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    Grats young fella. That's why I am in the Arc now. Before they mess up all the good stuff there.
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    This Saturday our wonderful Events Team will be hosting Something Special! Are you wondering what it is? Has this sparked your Curiosity? Well come on and join us at this event! Event Details Date: Saturday, June 1st Time: 18:00 game time FC: Telle World: 60 Location: Telle's fc Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
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    To clarify what the OP is saying the clue on the TT guide states “Search the crates in the Barbarian Village Helmet Shop.” But the solution for that clue states “In Al Kharid look in the southern-most crate in the shop.” The short link just needs to be changed.
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    After 148 days at 100% this is what I got. Most focus was on herbs and a few on logs. 100% for those days was 148 x $ 75,000 = $ 11,100,000. Return was $ 19M. Nett profit was about $ 7,900,000. This did not take into account any nests opened for seeds or jewellery. That is the next project when I get some time. Nests collection so far is shown.
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    I will keep updating this until i feel it's complete. This ''guide'' will be mostly screenshots of the attacks and where to stand to avoid getting smacked/dying BOSS #1 The Crassian Leviathan The first thing you want to do is enter the arena and stand in the area mark on the image below! (after the first special attack; move towards the boss to increases your chances of staying alive!) The Attacks (idk names so bare with my made up names) and how to avoid dying Green Bean Beam Not dying to this attack is simple: Don't stand in the green.. Head smash! Every now and then the boss will do this attack, through the fight stand next to the boss and move to the direction it's moving to asap when the attack sequence starts Side note: stand near the boss during the fight; this way you get more time to react to the Head Smash! How to avoid taking massive damage? Simple-ish, run/surge in the direction they are moving towards and stand in the corner! E.G: Boss is moving east to west (see screenshot): Run/surge west and stand in that corner, after it reaches the west side, move to the east corner and stand there! (move back to middle-ish after attack) Around the 1 minute mark the boss moves to the opposite side of the arena; their attack rotation will be reset and will start at green bean beam!
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    Approx 750 kc Amy, I had loads of fun rubbing it in for the rest of the event
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    The Events Team strike again! Well done both of you Congrats!!
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    Whoot! Congrats on your puppy.... what was rough kc?
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    New job on Monday =D
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    New location / update screenshot for clue. New location is "east of lodestone , south of archery shop" as per screenshot.
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    Karramja Clue Update. Screenshot update needed. Included. New location
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    When you mention RHQ on your work resume and that is what catches their eye... NAILED IT!
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    THE AMBASSADOR A lot to cover here.. Seeing how a lot of things can kill you and cost your team the kill. Basic Attacks: The Ambassador mainly uses Ranged attacks with an occasional high hit magic attack. Ranged attack: Magic Attack: Special Attacks and how to avoid getting killed. Fire Patch The first attack we encounter is a fire patch (just like the first boss in ED1); Run close to The Ambassador, wait for the timer to run out, the attack to drop, and then run out. This attack, unlike it's ed1 counter part, spreads out (meaning you could enlarge it), do wait a few seconds for it to actually drop. Unstable Black Hole: This one is quite simple, all you've got to do is stun it. If you fail to do so and are to close to it (it has a HUGE blast radius) you will take up to 8k+ damage. Sinister Fragments AND VORTEX SPIN/Big Bang Attack: This attack starts at the 1 minute mark and if you fail to phase Amba it'll repeat at the 3 minute mark as well. This one is kind of tricky, you have to take out Sinister Fragments whilst running counter clockwise, trying to avoid a spinning beam! If you've successfully taken out every fragment, nothing will happen afterwards.. If you're not so lucky, The Ambassador will use his Big Bang Attack (fake name), he'll do so depending on how many fragments he absorbed. If he managed to absorb 3 fragments he'll do this attack 3 times, within a few seconds, hitting 8100 each attack. This can be blocked by using devotion and reflect whilst praying protect/deflect from ranged; using debilitate +reflect to reduce the damage to 2k; and barricade if necessary Timer looks like this: The last phase of the fight is where it gets harder. You'll have to pay attention to the chat to prevent being instant killed.. and also keep dpsing the boss whilst he's being healed! The main thing that can kill you here is not paying attention is getting smack by high hit magic attacks (can be blocked by protect/deflect magic + devotion) Watch the chat at all times and switch to the correct prayers until the attack is over (it's 3-4 hits) ((See screenshot, black balls are the special attack)) Stand in front of the white smoke to prevent him from healing. That's about it.... Have one more post-kill screenshot.
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    Boss #2 Big ol' necro-troll-dude Easily the easiest of all 3 bosses in this Elite Dungeon. To make this kill go by faster: KILL EVERYTHING.. The boss heals of the skeletons it summons, failing to kill them will add to the time it takes to kill it. (this only applies to solo kills; only thing you don't ignore in duo/trio is the rift) Attacks and Special Attacks: Magic Attack: (Big Orange Fireball ,pray protect/deflect magic) Ranged Attack: (Looks like the bosses uses Death Swiftness, Pray protect/deflect Ranged) Rift Of Undead: Destroy it before the timer runs out, afterwards finish off the skeletons to prevent the boss from healing (failing to kill the rift results in a 7k+ hit) Big Ogre: Twice during the fight he'll summon an Ogre for you to kill, finish it and the skeletons it spawns off before the boss can heal off it And last but not least: Super Sp00ky Ghost Attack: Boss summons a wall of ghosts that slowly move towards you.. Easily avoidable by walking to the side or surging through them. See screenshot for an example on how to avoid them:
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    Regarding the following clue " 18 degrees 03 minutes north25 degrees 16 minutes east" (18.03 N, 25.16 E) The description for this clue is wrong, by about 10 levels of the WIldy; the Ruins are NOT in Level 37-38, they are in Level 27-28. The description of being north of Graveyard of Shadows is correct, but I just wasted half an hour, and 20K from dying(paying Death) on this clue, because of the wrong description... updated thanks
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