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    Look... many of us have been playing over 15 years, some of us have max experience, levels, max cash stacks, all pets, trim completionist, etc. As someone who no lifed RS in the past, you're fine! Play until you don't feel like it anymore, if it loses the fun, then take a little break. Come back when you can- However, if it interferes with life priorities, focus on those, not exp gains
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    Yay for the stalker Bubbles was my first too =D
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    Grats! May he be followed by many, many more
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    There we go! 99 Woodcutting Thanks to DXP for sponsoring this leveling LOL.
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    Hi, I just got 90 construction this morning. I'm currently doing 800K xp per day (or 8 percent) to get to 99 construction. I'm also working on 99 farming while going for 99 construction. I currently am almost to 92 farming. My first level 99 on Runescape 3 was runecrafting. I did that in runespan in the first month of my membership that i bought last year. I've only had this account for 2-ish years now. My total level is 2179. I'm just wondering if I'm dedicating too much time to this game because I know that in theory (keyword), it's possible to get the max cape in less than 1 year. I know that in practice, maxing out the account takes a lot longer than 1 year. I'm just wondering if I'm "no lifing" this game. Thanks.
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    Even if you are no lifeing it, who cares? it's your life and your game to play as you see fit. Super Fly hit the nail on the head for this one
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