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    Great! leave it to me to find the knock-off brand
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    Ok so here is the guide: CLICK BAIT!!!!! Currently I have more challenges than Wiki has but I am not sure if we have all of the challenges yet... So if you could when in game spend a few seconds and check your challenges versus the ones I have in the guide and if you have one not listed just give a quick reply with it's name and reqs that would be great. Thanks. @SiriusXM @Alfawarlord @ChathMurrpau @Alk12 @3ter 1 @Numerous One @Hail4Gaming @Fuzzyjoe162 @Koviana @Hope @Katalex @moridin_1 @mafchief @Loucetios @Zandahar @Super Fly @Pixelatic @sola wind @Haxorze
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    I tried to wait @Hope, but I couldn't wait any longer, so here we finally have it...
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    Congratulations Moridin!!! I am sorry I haven't been on much and I wasn't able to celebrate with you but I am so happy for you!!
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    I am terrible at keybinds so I wish you best of luck!
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    now on to the big time! 200m or bust =D Great job Mori-nar!!!
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    Job well Done! Congrats! What`s next on your to do list?
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    A job well done! Time for a trip to the pub
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    Now thats hot! Great job and congratz! Whats next?
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    much better Morinar
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    interesting that your runeclan still says 119. next, 200m or bust!
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    Some skills are just sooo slow compared to others that it's a bit of a farce in my opinion,. they all need balancing out.
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    I was on to witness it, don't worry! lol Congrats again!!
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    I didn't Zand I was too much in shock of actually seeing Rednar lol Guilded Altar or the seren stone are pretty much the only ways I know how at high level Hope. It also helps too do the neimi forest each day and obviously the god statues each month. Hope that helps Hope! Thanks all
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    Congrats Moridin!!! Question: what did you do for Prayer. I'm looking into training methods. Any suggestions you have would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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    Grats!!!!! woah... Did you show your accomplishment(s) to Rednar when he was on earlier?
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    congratulations! 1 more to go!
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    It was really cool seeing all those 120 announcements pop up! Great job! Just sorry for the reason behind it. *hugs*
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    Nice! Where did u find motivation to do it?
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    Today, a Raven will spawn in one of 9 locations. Note that the location will be the same for everyone on that specific world; different worlds may spawn it in different locations. Cadarn - on the ledge South of the spinning wheel building, just across the Max Guild gate Cadarn - on the ledge by the window outside Haf's Battlestaves, near the range Crwys - just behind Coeden's building, near the Magic tree Crwys - behind the building East of the spirit tree Iorwerth - on the Southern ledge of the building East of the Iorwerth church Iorwerth - on the ledge between the church and the building to the East; best seen from the South East Iorwerth - North of the building West of the Iorwerth church Iorwerth - South of the building West of the Rush of Blood entrance Trahaearn - between the forge building and the armor display building, South of the Seren stones The Raven will remain for the full day. After clicking the bird, you will receive a chatbox message that reads: "You have found X/13 ravens. I wonder what happens when you find them all?" Upon finding your 13th Raven, you will unlock the "[Name] the Ravensworn" title and be able to breed animals on your Player-Owned Farm with the "Ravensworn" trait. Note that the calendar automatically converts it to your timezone. For example, if the Raven spawns at reset on the 16th, which is 7PM on the 15th for me, the calendar will list the 15th when I look at it.
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