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    Thank you, I will definitely put them at the top then. Nice, so I will definitely do Dimension of Disaster immediately to get it over with, then LoV and JoS since both of you mentioned those! And I definitely will be willing to assist with quest guides. I'll let you know before I start HoS and LoV.
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    Why do you guys think this is up MY alley? I literally opened the game client and looked at the invention guide to lay this all out >.> Until you unlock Fishing-Rod-o-matic (level 22) you are typically best off just harvesting divine energy and disassembling logs (for cheap simple parts, which I recommend maple for), and making divine charges. Until you've had invention for awhile you won't have a lot of components or parts unless you want to dump money into the skill, which would allow you to make and fill gizmos for better xp. From there I recommend fishing with the rodomatic until level 10, disassembling, and making a new one until you reach level 27 for the equipment siphon. At that point, invention is just a matter of augmenting your weapons, tools, and armor, and then siphoning it when the item reaches level 12.
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    Enter your house in build mode. Choose whichever door you want the aquarium to be out of and right click the ghostly looking doors. Choose "Build room" and scroll down to the room you want. iirc you'll then get the option to rotate the room as desired. Hope this helps.
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    Alk12 has decided to join the Developer Team to help fix some pesky bugs ! Welcome and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
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    Woo! Fix all the things! Squash them bugs! Congrats bud
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    Now that some IRL dust has settled I can make this official.... The moderators have now become a little more numerous Help me congratulate @Numerous Oneon his promotion to Forum Manager!
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    Congrats bud! Glad IRL has settled down for you.
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    Congrats, fix all the things!
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    On this first post I'll share some recent stuff. This log will be pretty much unactive due my limited time of play, but let's see what we can do
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    Got my Shamini yesterday while doing summoning. Also got 120M Farming and 112 Agility this morning.
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    wicked hood*
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    thank you for your help bit i got it done today again thank you
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