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    Not sure if we were going to do a DXPW comp but it starts in 6 hours and one wasn't setup. Soooo.... Since I like comps, since it gives me motivation, I set one up. ( @St. Squiggy if you want this to be official let me know and I can send you the info). I put a bunch of names on the list using the pre-signup list and recent comp people and tossed a few extras on. If you want in just post below and I will try and get you on as soon as I can. The comp is here: CLICK ME!!! Good Luck All and have lots of fun! Here is the list I used: Ksb Single Chathmurrpau Armahkarma With Faith Senug5 Dorky Girl Loucetios Aaros Telle Wick Swift Hankinator St Squiggy Katalex Rdranger2020 Haxorze Zing 1 Owain121 Balista77 Pixelatic Greystar Jeimuzu Aaros Stanimite alfawarlord carazen flama moo moo739 zandahar numerous one hope 1789 3ter 1 sassykookie super fly sola wind
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    i changed the color: You guys like it?
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    I am MAXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! finally did it! All skills level 99!
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    Corrected, knew it was something like that lol
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    Been using them for years now and just wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you all.
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    The guide says that the first character you speak to is named "Boy". Actually, his name is now Harvey. [screenshot]
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    Nice work... can't wait to see the cape pic, those are always the most fun =3 Good luck on your progress to the next cape!
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    As I've been trying to get the master quest cape requirement from the new quest a.s.a.p. (and succeeded) I now have all answers from the new quest, and I'd like to share them Underneath I'll post all keywords (in screenies) for the different fragments. Chapter 1: Updating on the go
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    Apparently can't edit anymore, therefore adding it here! :X Chapter 2:
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    I didn't think you had a ghost of a chance to get the pet... You sure showed me! That's the spirit!
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    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii GRATZZZ
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    Congrats......no spying in max
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    WTG! VERY NICE! GZZ! (Stop photobombing him @Haxorze
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    Marketplace is gonna be your best bet
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    Congrats! Now go for 1m or bust
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    since its been a solid year or so since RuneHQ has seen me I think..
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    So, I'll just cut to the chase. Kingdom of Darkness is a chill clan comprised primarily of people returning to OSRS after a long period of time, or even just discovering OSRS after a long break. We're chill and helpful. Looking for people who want to chat or chill, and are willing to ask questions to help all of us. What I've said so far isn't a requirement, but I know a lot of people returning are lost, and don't want to play alone. We have a discord that's still being set up fully, otherwise were pretty much just the clan chat for now. Interested in joining? Join "KoD CC" clan chat. See yall there.