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  2. Thanks for the submission @Kittyhawk as soon as some us get a moment away from the Priority list it will be updated.
  3. Just go in with Sharks and a superwarmaster potion and the best gear u can wear. Youll be fine.
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, I'm looking for an optimal inventory setup to defeat bork in the chaos tunnels. I know that I need an extreme set (or an overload), a super antifire, and an emergency teleport. I can definitely do the quest while guthix sleeps and maybe ritual of the mahjarrat this year. Im about to do swan song and Kings ransom (both required for while guthix sleeps). Here are my current stats: 66 slayer 68 HP 65 attack, strength and defense 66 Magic 65 Ranged
  6. Just figured I would confirm that KSB is correct On New Member you have....I think like 5 minutes to edit your posts and Established Member unlocks the infinite edits. Bright side is you're getting closer with each post hehe
  7. OSRS Name: Sniffles21 Gang: N/A Quest: Shield of Arrov Best Contact: in game Best time: Evenings on weekdays eastern time
  8. Thanks Ksb. I figured, but though I'd ask. I'd ask how many posts, but I assume that is still held under wraps, and honestly it won't make a difference anyway.
  9. One of the most iconic bosses defeated, gratz!
  10. That's great!!! Watch out Ice Strykes!! You should wear it as that is an achievement. You may want to get another as you have to sacrifice a Fire Cape to get into the Fight Kiln.
  11. After four straight attempts (a bit embarrassed) I defeated Jad and received my first ever fire cape! Also recently finished the Curses quest line yesterday, which I was waiting to do before attempting the Fight Cave again (tried one time before a while back)...Super stoked, Super tired, Super happy and relieved!!! I should have finished it my third attempt, however I focused on killing the healers opposed to ignoring them, and after doing so I didn't realize that they would just come back and ended up messing up a pray flick and dying All in all it was a fun challenge as well as good practice learning how to pray flick between Soul Split and protect curses. Now considering grinding out 99 slay as my next goal Thanks everyone who offered some input, as always it is much appreciated
  12. I'm guessing your talking about editing the first post. I believe there is a certain post count required to be able to edit. Under your name you have the title "new member" I think when you become an "established member" you get the option to edit it. Saying that I did a quick edit to update your first post for you. Enjoy your quests and good luck!
  13. Get level 70 in attk str def. Blisterwood I believe is the only thing you can kill the enemies with so youll need those stats. Also at 70 def you can upgrade ur gear.
  14. Hi, I'm about to get 67 slayer and 70 in all of my combat stats. Here are my current combat stats and let me know if you think that I should attempt the Branches of Darkmeyer quest: 66 Magic 64 Prayer 64 attack, strength, and defense 64 ranged 63 summoning. 67 HP Also, what should I have in my inventory setup for the final fight for the quest? I know that I have to be able to defeat level 98 enemies. I think that this is also the quest where I get blisterwood weapons. What levels should I have my combat stats at least before I attempt the final boss fight for this quest?
  15. Instead of giving you a sales pitch, here's some info on our clan. Name: Pack Yaks World: 60 Members: 95 and growing Events: weekly Citadel: T6 Community: like a family. EST. May 2019 We're a fun clan that tries to offer a safe place to everyone. There aren't any requirements to join our clan, just guest and ask for an invite! As for rules, we are pretty laid back, we have a few rules but those aren't hard to follow! Baroo Baroo~ Ps. not a furry clan.. even though the name may suggest differently.
  16. Lord of Vampyrium is a great quest!
  17. Jack of Spades - That's it? Honestly that was... disappointing. I assume I unlocked further potential developments though. Also, will I be totally unable to edit this? Or do I have to unlock that ability? Well, either way I guess. Next will be, um, Lord of Vampyrium I think? No, Impressing the Locals. Yep. Impressing the Locals Next will be Lord of Vampyrium.
  18. Great guide until one point. Under Part V: Curse of Arrav during the part where you are getting the Canopic Jar it says "Note: If your urn doesn't fill up there are two possible reasons. First you have a partially filled cooking urn in the real world. You will have to either destroy or complete it before you can fill up the one in New Varrock. Second there is a glitch that requires an open inventory spot in your inventory to fill the cooking urn." I had a completely unstarted, unused, and forgotten about cooking urn in my regular bank that had been there a few years. It might be the "few years" part that did it, but I could not do this section of the quest until I had gotten rid of the thing. Since I am smart like that, I did test that this was the issue before going any further, and then had no other problems. However I highly suggest instead of saying the problem might happen if you have a started urn, maybe change that to "if you have an urn in your bank this could be the problem" or something. For me, it was that I had an urn at all, I gather.
  19. Quests according to what is available currently: Back to the Freezer: Brink of Extinction: (started pre-break) Call of the Ancestors: Dimension of Disaster: Better than I expected if I'm being honest. It was a reminder of all the composite quests from ye-olden-days, but different. I quite liked Arrav as well, which I don't remember liking him in the old quests? Makes me wish I could go back and replay those quests once again. Maybe I should return to doing the quests and recording them so I can remember what they were like? Dishonour among Thieves: Evil Dave's Big Day Out: (I remember Evil Dave! This should be fun, but should it really be first?) Heart of Stone: Impressing the Locals: Current Jack of Spades: Kindred Spirits: Lord of Vampyrium: (Morytania was quite fun, as I remember) Mighty Fall: Needle Skips: You Are It:
  20. Eleventh Revenant pet Ork at 37612 kc Also got my augmented revenant bane 2h sword to level 20 so now my scavenging perk will go off more.
  21. OSRS Name: CapnCocoa Gang: Phoenix Quest: Shield of Arrav Best way to contact you: In-game Best time to contact me: most active Sunday, PDT
  22. Thank you, I will definitely put them at the top then. Nice, so I will definitely do Dimension of Disaster immediately to get it over with, then LoV and JoS since both of you mentioned those! And I definitely will be willing to assist with quest guides. I'll let you know before I start HoS and LoV.
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