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  2. You're welcome, I got my trimmed requirement as well thanks to you.
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  4. Finally done with this one! Thanks @Alfawarlord for the help!
  5. You see this unfortunate guy? Well, that's me. (Editors note: Remember to add picture of me in an awkward situation inside Senntisten). You might wonder how I ended up in the tought to be lost Senntisten. Don't worry, I'll get to that. Right after a word from our sponsor: The Beach! Do you wish you could be outside in the scorching sun instead of playing runescape? Yeah, me neither. Why not go to Runescape's own summer beach? You can pick coconuts, build sandcastles, flex your pixelated muscles, or if you still haven't figured out how dungoneering works after 11 years; hide in a hole for hours upon hours, and more!. By participating in the various highly engaging activites you can expand your ever growing list of cosmetic costumes and pets. There is also a pvm boss encounter every hour, where you and everyone else fight a highly challenging... oh, its gone again? And if you're lucky, you might even run into me there. Probably not. Ok, that was a stupid bit, back to my quest recap. This journey started by me kind of accidentaly stumbeling back into the desert where Ariene Grande was very happy to see that I was still alive. I'm not sure if you know this Ariane, but I have a deal with Death, yes THE Death, so I'm basically unkillable. I shrug it of as the desert heat making her perception a bit wonky. She tells me something about Zaros having tempered with a codex and now the eggs we found last time we met are beggining to hatch, but she has employed the help of Varrocks best and only librarian, who is also 50% of Gielinor's best and only private investigator duo. Ariane leeds me inside of the elder halls, where Carlos is waiting for us. The two of them ask me for tips on how to move the eggs away and drain them of energy. I give them several very good ideas, but they refuse all of them, as they would not bring the plot forward. Our planning is however stopped as Azanadra teleports in. He looks a bit different though, I think he's got a new hat. Ariane and Charlie is not happy to see him, but he reasures them that he is there by his own will, as Zaros has left Gielinor after the battle of archaeology. Wasn't I also there? I don't remember Zaros leaving, but then again, I was asleep for most of it. He tells us that the elder gods will send TokHaar and other unknown forces to claim the eggs from us. I don't know what a TokHaar is, but I think maybe my lavafriends from Karamja could help us out. Also, I'm pretty sure we don't own the eggs at all, but whatever. Azzanadra suggests that we move the eggs to Senntisten, a very old city that no one has found yet, decpite the archeaology guild being right next to the entrance for over a year now. Having no other idea that has been approved by Ariane and Charles, we agree to this suggestion, and Azzanadra tells me to meet him at the guild he tried to sack a few months back. And then he just teleports without me. Starting to sense a pattern here... At the guild, Azzanadra has dressed up as a homeless man, so I spent about a week to find him. When I finally figure out that he has been standing on a balcony looking at me awkwardly trying to ask people if they are Azzanadra in disguise, without saying anything to me. He talks to me as if it's only been moments since we left the eggs. Way to act like you have a god complex mister! Before he wil take me into the lost city he gives me a list of five gods he needs to help us. I don't think any of them likes me enough to willingly help me, but I might be able to convince Icthlarin by throwing him a bone. First on my list is Seren the tyrantqueen of Burthorpe, who i very, very reluctant to help me and Azzanadra try to complete what she has wanted to do for ages, but she ultimately agree because of her brother. I feel like I've skipped over something, but it's probably not important. Zamorak is already packing up his things to leave for Senntisten, and even offers to teleport me out so I can complete my mission, What a good guy he is aand I'm now north of Daemonheim, great! Saradmin doesn't want to join, but I tell him I will summon him with a bell until he agrees, so he does. Armadyl is still sitting at top of his tower, eyes locked on the position where Bandos sat years ago. As he has nothing better to do after having killed Bandos he is also in. That makes four down, and Icthlarin will definately also join. Well, he didn't. Returning to Azzanadra with the news, he tells me to meet him at Senntisten. I can' wait to explore an ancient city, believed to be lost forever. Sadly I have to, as the entrance is blocked by the archaeology skill. I swear Azzanadra probably reblocked the entreance out of boredom just to strech this story out. After having digged away the soil I reveal a magical barrier, powered by a the fact that archaeology is a new skill. I restore my way into the city and we enter a cathedral and I get some exposition about the place. Charmander teleports the eggs into the cathedral and I get tasked by finding some very dangerous wards hidden in the city. The city itself is also dangerous as shadows hurts me somehow, and I have to light my way trough the streets. I walk down the first set of stairs from the cathedral and enter the first house I can see. Inside I find the christmas ward, and holding the ward makes the shadows angry at me, so I run back to Azzanadra and give it to him. That was easy, I'll just have to do that three more times, and I'm done. Back in the city I find four gargoyles that fly out to different parts of the city to hide. I wonder why they are so affraid of me, I've even been known to own one at a time. After killing them all I grab the pollution ward and head back to Azzanadra. My next trip to the streets brings me to an old wine shop, where I pour some wines around some bottles until a door opens and an angry romanian vampyre tries to wine and dine me. He died of dehydration and I grab the wine ward. The last ward is hidden inside a house that laughs as I enter. Inside I find a book written by Sliske, and I open some drawers to loot before I take the darkness ward and return to Azzanadra for the last time. Inide the cathedral Seren, Zamorak, Saradomin and Armadyl has arrived and are having some friendly banter before Azzanadra tells them to start siphoning the eggs. As they do they make some comments on Azzanadra having ascended to godhood, but I'm sure they are just teasing him for his new hat. I stand around feeling very useful as I watch four gods draining power from some other gods. Luckily we get interupted by a hologram of Kerapac, of cource he has a CommOrb v3. I ask him to go away, but he can't because he is there to invade with his army. So here I stand, between gods and dragonkin on the brink of war, and all I want to do is to go home. Remember to use code: Haxummer2021 for 30% more fun at the beach!
  6. Welcome to the Family!

  7. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com Patch Notes:
  8. I've updated the link on the forums as well now, should work again
  9. Reaching out and wishing well to those who are affected by the devastating floods in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Please stay safe.

  10. Yes, it is working! Thanks for the fix!
  11. Hi, Could you try again? i changed the link on our Twitter!
  12. This is the only one that I have found that works. Which I definitely joined.
  13. I tried joining from our Forums as well with the same result.
  14. Just tried to join the Discord Server but it says that the Invite is invalid.
  15. Will do i'm currently working on the issue and we will let you know when it is resolved. SiriusXM
  16. Currently don't play Runescape due to Financial Issues but I did both of these things because they kept the insanity at bay from grinding! Lol!
  17. It's all good man, can you please let us know when it's up and running again? Thanks bro!
  18. Hi, Our paypal donations are currently offline due to problems! We can`t give an ETA yet when its back online. We are sorry for the inconvience.
  19. I think the lowest I killed her was 30 attack, 56str, 1 def.
  20. My job is my work out haha. I'm a Garbage Man so I haul a bunch of couches and all manner of things. Someone once filled a trash can with a combination of cement, water, and dirt... I left it there that thing had to of been like 400lbs. But short of that... I'm fit.
  21. Hello, I had just tried to donate but it said that the organization is not eligible to receive them. I'll post the screen shot so you may view what I had seen. Just thought you should know.
  22. Welcome to the Family!

  23. To make a long story short.... I suck at pking, but I would love to learn. Can anyone think of some good runescape pk beginners guides/ videos that would help? I want to build a 99 str pure build (I've always wanted one) but I've just never could figure out the ways to go about it. I'm definitely open to suggestions. Thanks in advance. *** NOTE: I am currently unable to play at the moment due to financial issues ***
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