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  2. 120 archaeology and hard working on comp cape achievements!
  3. Congrats Quick, no doubt another skill will come along in a couple of months
  4. What's your hobby when you're not at work or playing runescape? Mine is chainsaw carving. I started about a year ago out of sheer boredom and enjoyed it so much, I've spent over $2500 on saws, Sanders, and other carving tools. Here's a couple of my more recent pieces
  5. Yesterday
  6. Congrats!!! I'm sure it was a happy reunion
  7. Username: GeraltRiva19 Gang im in: Black arms gang Quest: heros pm me in game
  8. I've read a lot of good stories and enjoyed some excellent TV shows/movies, but there are some things I wanted to throw out into the (usually uncaring) void of the internet. When some things get done in stories I cringe, and others make me cheer. I've been watching a lot of Overly Sarcastic Productions' Trope Talks lately and my mind has just been compiling so I figured I'd put it somewhere and see what people think. Here's what I rarely/never see and I really want to see: A large well built world that instead of getting saved repeatedly has parts of it destroyed in the process of p
  9. "Addict" by Vivziepop's team. (check it out on youtube, but careful, it's definitely a explicit with some rather painful themes in the video) All that said, it's bloody amazing.
  10. This is one my family did together for my... 19th? birthday... it's suppossed to be a dragon but tbh I'm not super impressed with our skill. Your is something else entirely haha
  11. * Dust off Max cape at bank* Hello my old friend, you have been missed! *Hugss* Finally got my Max cape back! With that 99 Archaeology also achieved And achieved Guildmaster rank!
  12. Last week
  13. Hope

    Happy Birthday Kunio!!!

  14. Attention! Currently the tracker that runs by Crystal Math Labs has some issues with XP tracking! With some of you the XP that has been tracked when the competition started does NOT show the correct gained XP!! This however is not a big issue, the start XP you all have is right! however the gained XP is wrong, but i can track all of you individually after the Competition has ended and it will show the correct Gained XP! Sorry for the inconvenience
  15. Hi all! It's been a minute since I've been active and in fact, playing RS at all! My old RSN was Diego V Monk, however that is long gone and now I'm back on OSRS as Patriot_Jim. It's a shame to learn that everyone's account got wiped, it would have been interesting to read old conversations! As you could probably guess, I'm Jim and I've been playing RS for almost 16 years (5699 days according to Hans). So if any of you recognise me, say hello! There are a few names here that I recognise and it's so good to still see you here.
  16. The Hild "Runescape Persons" bio does not appear accurate for her current location. The description is accurate, but her location has changed.
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