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  2. Congrats on Maxing!! Welcome to the Guild! Time to choose: MQC, COMP, 120's
  3. Some nice achievements you got there. Congratz and keep them going
  4. Thanks everyone. Definately going for 120 since my next goal is to get comp cape and try to learn some pvm. Got an alt floating around in the universe somewhere but cant be bothered to even touch it. So yeah, you guys will be stuck with me for a while within the cc
  5. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  6. We're glad to have you chime in! Super congrats on your achievement, that maxing this is always a huge deal. Do you intend to push for 120's? or, dare say, 200m's? or are you gonna start back from square one with an alt?
  7. you showoff @Flama sounds good tho (look dat alienware!!! lol)
  8. Congrats on max! Always a great accomplishment.
  9. Finally got the guts to chime in into the forums, but here it goes... On the 20th of february, after 10 jolly years on RS, I got max cape! With that goes 99 invention to reach it. So I can say, I am able to have a lovely night of sleep from now. Also got the skilling pet Rocky, but pets are overrated, hehe. *Raises a staff in greeting and vanishes in thin air* ~AsE
  10. St. Squiggy

    Double XP Weekend!

    Another Double XP weekend is upon us! Join in the skilling bonanza! You can signup here to join in.
  11. It's that time again (oddly enough)! There's a double XP weekend coming and I'm sure you want to get in that competitive spirit! This time it is Overall so do what you want, it's all for you! Rules still apply in regards to other double XP comps, which I'll list here: One RSN per person. Preferable to join beforehand but can join after. If joining after you are at a disadvantage and understand this. Anyone can join, no staff restrictions. Top 10 people will receive GP (10m for first down to 1m for 10th and respectively for those in the middle). The timeframe is the same as in game, so from Friday 22nd February 12:00 Game Time to Monday 25th February 11:59 Game Time. One difference you may notice from others (if any request) is there may possibly be entrants from Facebook or Twitter! If you see them join welcome them to the competition and invite them to join us more often! If this is you reading this because you came from one of the two, well... the same applies! Come join us more and here! Aside from that, happy skilling and may you all get great gains! Entrants @ChathMurrpau@Ksb Single@With Faith@senug @Dorky Girl@Loucetios@Aaros@Telle Lots a Loud @Toeby@Super Fly@Fuzzyjoe162@Hankinator@Zing101@Hope@Numerous One@graystar Pyro @Balista Competition link coming soon... Want to be notified of future skilling competitions? Join us and sign up here!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Changes or improvements are in red... Feel free to use the images as needed. 1.Ask Veos if he has any quests for you and he will tell you of his client from the mainland. The hierarchy and general social organization of Kourend, as well as some other knowledge about the houses, interest the client. After you agree to help him, you will receive an enchanted scroll. It'll tell you to use a quill to write on it. This is where your feather comes in. Use the feather on the scroll to receive an Enchanted quill. Put a mention in here that says Veos can be found at the Port Sarim north docks if you have never visited Kourend before. Once you have talked to him, he will allow you to travel to Kourend. 2. Now you'll have to speak to the general store owners around Kourend, making sure that you have the enchanted quill in your inventory. First head to the general store in the Piscarilius House (number 1 in the map below) and speak with Leenz for some information about Piscarilius. Go through every chat option until the quill automatically writes some notes down. 4. After you finish with Regath, take the West path to the Lovakenj House and speak with Munty (number 3 in the map above). Ask Munty about the Lovakenj House and go through all chat options. Continue to go West until you reach the path among the rocks that leads South. Follow it and you'll reach the Shayzien House, speak with Jennifer (number 4.) Ask her the same questions you have asked everyone else until your quill takes notes. 5. Lastly, head East and go to the general store in Hosidius and speak with Horace (number 5). Ask Horace the same questions for the last time; You should get a message saying that you have all the information you need, and to return to Veos. 9. When you return to Veos (You cannot finish the quest if you talk to him in Port Sarim), he won't know what you are talking about or even remember sending you out for help for his client. Then, the client will take over his body and speak with you. If you try using the Ring of Charos, the client will tell you that his name is Xeric. He will reward you.
  14. Gratz! Keep up the skilling pet gainz!
  15. Never enough Chath Still got 9 more to get!!
  16. So I heard a rumor that with the update today they released a new picture in the puzzle boxes. It is supposedly a picture of Menaphos. If anyone is doing any clues and happens to get this new pic could you please grab a screenshot for us. Thanks!
  17. Here's my first entry from that point 80x Sapphire, 66x Emerald, 59x Ruby, 47x Diamond, 30x Dragonstone, 1x Onyx
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