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  2. Welcome @DarkAdvisor back to the CE team!
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  4. Thank you Hope! When I'm about ready for max xp I'll make sure you're on lol
  5. Last week
  6. Congratulations Moridin!!! I am sorry I haven't been on much and I wasn't able to celebrate with you but I am so happy for you!!
  7. In a bit Toeby, I'm sure it wont be long...
  8. Is your ironman mainly a skiller? Or does it just happen to be all non-combat 99's
  9. Toeby has been removed from Moderators due to inactivity. Wish him goodbye.
  10. Congrats, but not so for bad kitteh!
  11. kitty has removal skills. congrats on the thing!!!!!
  12. That was only my 5th 99 on my ironman, so another 22 skills left to max. The 5 i have maxed are Fishing, Thieving, Farming, Mining, & Smithing. And in that order too.
  13. Today while Slaying i unlocked Morty the Constitution Pet at 18M xp. had a printscreen but again my cat broke it while sleeping on the keyboard.
  14. Congrats! how many (and which) skills until you've maxed the little guy?
  15. I finally got 99 smithing on my ironman! woohoo! Now time to make some masterwork armor.
  16. I posted this on our discord. Hopefully some of our OSRS players will jump on to help you.
  17. I took this screenshot for anyone working on gaining hosidius favor, those are the locations of all of the saltpetre deposits. After plowing fields until 5 percent favor the player can then make sulphurous fertilizer, by combining saltpetre with normal fertilizer. I'm buying my fertilizer from the farmers market here in Kourend but other players can make their own, or buy from the GE.
  18. I wanted to start a thread regarding the best ways to earn house favor. My Arceuus favor is currently 100, and i'm working on Hosidius now. I'd love tips or advice, I earned my favor at my Arceuus house by finding books in the Library, and then mining dense essence blocks.
  19. Use RuneHq for Quest Guides, and the Calculators.


  20. I'm about to start quest shield of Arrav looking for partner to finish it osrs name jdizzy88 I'm on almost everyday
  21. I am terrible at keybinds so I wish you best of luck!
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