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  2. Event Details Date: Friday, December 14th Time: here World: 60 FC: RHQ Events Location: Daemonheim
  3. notice that the quote references plural too, maybe they're meant to be twins
  4. Event Details Date: Saturday, December 22nd Time: here World: 67 FC: RHQ Events Location: Bandos God Wars Encampment
  5. Event Details: Date: Friday, December 21st Time: here World: 60 FC: RHQ Events Location: Fishing Trawler
  6. I really recommend joining the "Gather OSRS", they are really friendly and help out the OSRS community. I am a part of their Discord and Clan and I can really recommend them.
  7. Event Details: Date: Saturday, December 15th Time: here World: 67 FC: RHQ Events Location: Vindicta
  8. Everyone give a warm welcome to Aaros on joining the Events Team ! Can't wait to join your events!
  9. Thanks guys! ps: it's Azeleon not Azaleon x)
  10. Glad to see ET repopulating =D Welcome back guys!
  11. Thanks for hosting some awesome events for us in your years on staff!
  12. Runescape name:assassinX13X Gang: black arm Contact :in game Playtime:most of the time Time zone: us pacific
  13. You did not make this decision lightly. What the future holds for you now I hope is bright. Best wishes.
  14. Well now that there are more than one events team member, what do you all think about the following: 1. Possibly having two events in a day, say one at like 11PM and one at say, 7PM. That way everyone can go to at least one of them (or both if they prefer) 2. What if the events are just at different times? For example, the event on Fridays could be at 7PM (for Europeans) and the Saturday event could be at 11PM. Doing something similar to one of these might really help us get more people at our events. i have seen/heard numerous people say that the 9PM or 10PM is either too late (for Europeans) or too early (For Americans).I would be awesome if we could find some kind of happy medium, although I understand we will never be able to totally please everyone.
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  16. Please welcome back Telle, Jeimuzu and Azeleon to the Events Team! They will be helping Squiggy with events in Runescape which i'm sure will be bomb! Can't wait to see what the Events Team has in store for us
  17. Thanks for everything you have done!
  18. Good luck in your next endeavour Moo, sad to see you leave mate.
  19. For Europeans 7 or 8 pm game time would be way more beneficial.
  20. I chose "other" for times because I think it would be cool to offer a variety of times every so often. Something like the first event of a month is at 7PM game time or whenever to be more beneficial to our European users - or for people that work odd hours. Obviously, it will depend upon what is possible to be done by ET, but it still could be a fun option to try to include more people who can't normally participate due to time differences.
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