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  2. Thirteenth Revenant pet Knight at 54805 kc
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  5. Hi, As the title explains I'm currently looking for the best platforms to ghostwrite for other people (write books for other people) for time up front for passive income. what are some platforms that I can use to ghostwrite for time up front for passive income?
  6. Way to go bud! Congrats!
  7. Congrats Dark!! Keep up the good work mate
  8. Once again the wonderful RuneHQ Events Team has organized an event that will require your culinary arts as well as mood for sabotage and talking to monkeys. This event, as you might have guessed, is Trouble Brewing. There are little requirements you need, and this activity is non-combat, so no need to worry about dying. All you need is a good mood, couple items to help you along the way and, of course, yourself. For more information about this activity, see here. Event Details Date: Saturday October 19th Time: Here FC: RHQ Events World: 60 Location: Mos Le 'Harmless Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  9. You're doing great!!! congrats =D
  10. You're closing in on the coveted Max cape! Keep up the good work!
  11. Knocked out one of the last expensive skills to max Now on to construction, hunter, and thieving WHOOP!
  12. Osrs name: Selasphoros Gang I'm in: neither yet Quest shield of Arrav & Hero's Quest Best contact: discord: dietotenwalker#8665 Time zone: EST Flexible
  13. You can buy the alagarum thread and reinforcing plates from the general store in the wilderness bandit camp for less than GE price. But this obviously comes with risk...
  14. Things like that often appear cheaper to make vs buy as the pieces to make them don't usually sell for the GE value and they are relatively rare. When they are bought, it's often for more than the GE value and it may bump the value up a bit, but not that close to what you just bought it for. And since another won't be bought for a while to adjust the price more, it doesn't truly reflect the value of the items. Another option with making them is to collect the parts on your own, but that may take a while due to rarity and skill on your part Either way, if you decide to make them you'd need: Malevolent Cuirass - 42 Malevolent energy & 3 Reinforcing plates Greaves - 28 Malevolent energy & 2 Reinforcing plates Helm - 14 Malevolent energy & 1 Reinforcing plates TOTAL - 84 Malevolent energy & 6 Reinforcing plates Sirenic Hauberk - 42 Sirenic scales & 3 Alagarum thread Chaos - 28 Sirenic scales & 2 Alagarum thread Mask - 14 Sirenic scales & 1 Alagarum thread TOTAL - 84 Sirenic scales & 6 Alagarum thread
  15. Hi, I just got 96 hunter today. After I get 99 Hunter I will be going for 99 crafting. At level 93 crafting I can make the full sirenic armor (tier 90 ranged power armor). At 93 smithing making the malevolent armor is cheaper to make then buy off the grand exchange. I'm wondering if it's more cost effective overall to make the tier 90 power armor myself rather than buy it off of the grand exchange. My total level is almost 2200 on RS3. My next quests in line right now are while guthix sleeps and within the light. I currently have 332/409 quest points.
  16. Old School Runescape name: SirJacko92Gang you are in: Pheonix gangQuest: Shield of ArrovBest way to contact you: In-game, World 380Playtime/Timezone: 6pm - 10pm GMT
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  18. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
  19. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
  20. For the clue: Brush off the sand …. Replace: Don't worry, its coal to …. onwards With: Don't worry, permission has been granite to dig there. Also under "Solutions" Replace: Dig south of the …. etc With: Dig just north of the barrow (There are no clay rocks in this area now)
  21. Way to go! What method did you use?
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