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  2. need partner for shield of arrav quest rsn is buddydog2
  3. open all the thingssssssss
  4. Need help for heroes quest user name daigyjeff in black arm gang and ready to go best contact in game timezone UTC +9.30 online often
  5. Yesterday
  6. Cleaning out the bank of rubbish to replace it with better rubbish. Some odd Geodes from a bit of mining and a few Parcels. Was not really collecting them , they just happened. Then some Menaphos boxes from City Quests 25 Larges
  7. Congratulations. A big plus in your progress.
  8. Last week
  9. Sheild of arrav help Username: Bumbledore4 Gang: Not yet joined Contact: In game Timezone: Central ST Online: Late nights/weekends/often
  10. I've seen MANY times where regular will convert to ornate... not sure why it does it, just figured that was normal lol Sry your patch grew up too soon =(
  11. You've got way too much RNG lol Congrats Maf!
  12. Is this the definition of Purple Rain? Grats!
  13. Grats on the unexpected purple gem rewards.
  14. Did you send in a bug report to Jagex? It is very strange to say the least.
  15. Hi, I want to start making Runescape videos on YouTube for side income/passive income. I need someone to make an intro for me with no watermark. Can someone point me in a direction for where I can get a free youtube intro/outro with no watermark? Thank you.
  16. It turns out you can world hop to reset the island, at least these kind of tortles and the basic farm patches. So there's that.
  17. Well damn I've never experienced that for myself. That really is the beginning of the end. Glad I trained up to 96 before grinding out shark soup.
  18. #sciencesideoftwitter please explain this.
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