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  2. Need Phoenix member. I will pay anyone who helps 1m. shield of arrav pm in game BrickHaus92
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  5. Congrats on all the rank ups!!
  6. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
  7. Congratulations to all the new ranks!!
  8. Instead of doing all that running to the top of the museum... Coulda just used your Master Archaeology outfit and teleported there.
  9. Congrats to all who got promoted
  10. July 2020 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL CAPTAIN Dos Be KingKa Ching Ninja2dan LIEUTENANT Vaay SERGEANT CORPORAL Blanks101 Gnome Fart Jready Telle Congratulations!!!!!
  11. username : MADE BY NIKE gang: Phoenix quest: shield of arrav contact in game
  12. He was playing hard to get I see.... at least you got it before 200m
  13. Well, I'm guessing their update to the desktop client isn't that great since my client just cuts off every 5 seconds now. Well done jamflex, you've really out done yourselves this time. Implement game changes and knacker up the whole game for some people.
  14. Quote taken directly from www.runescape.com
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