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Events Rules



Event Rules:

  • Points for Events and forum badges will only be handed out if you stay at boss events  for at least 20 minutes or more. Or if you attend 2 full  mini-game events.
  • Everyone who hosts an event has to turn lootshare on and Coinshare off so that everyone has a chance to get a drop for their boss log.
  • Every rare drop you get during a boss event has to be given to the events host who will split it with all attendees at the end of an event.
  • For the harder group bosses/raids; discord will be mandatory to use!! It's much easier for everyone!
  • Events staff has to attend or host at least 2 events a month.
  • No one may promote an event from another clan/fansite!! We will issue a warning if they do!
  • No talks about politics, religion, sexual, sporting topics during the whole duration of the Event in the Events channel on our Discord!
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