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Events Rules



Event Rules:

  • Points for Events and forum badges will only be handed out if you stay at boss events  for at least 20 minutes or more. Or if you attend 2 full  mini-game events.
  • Everyone who hosts an event has to turn lootshare on and Coinshare off so that everyone has a chance to get a drop for their boss log.
  • Every rare drop you get during a boss event has to be given to the events host who will split it with all attendees at the end of an event.
  • For the harder group bosses/raids: discord will be mandatory to use!! This makes it much easier for everyone!
  • Events staff has to attend or host at least 2 events a month.
  • No one may promote an event from another clan/fansite!! We will issue a warning if they do!
  • No talks about politics, religion, sex, and/or sporting topics during the whole duration of the Event in the Events channel on our Discord! ( try to keep this rule civil, you can talk about it, but when we are streaming follow the Twitch guidelines!!)
  • If you want to join the Events voice channel on Discord, but are not actively joining the event, CHECK WITH THE EVENT HOST FIRST. Some of our Events are better without outside discussions/distractions. Failure to check in with the Event host/staff participating means that we may kick you from the channel.
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