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    Welp, with some math errors: You only need 600 of each bar, and about 22.5 to 23 hours of work, I've finally smithed my trimmed armor from scratch: I do prefer wearing the crown with it though. There's been a few player suggestions on changing the helm, so hopefully one of the two or three will git picked to replace it.
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    Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a certain boss or role? Well today is your lucky day. Events Team will be teaching you how to do roles at Beastmaster Durzag. So hype yourself up, grab your best gear, and join us as we teach you how to be the pet tank and nc.
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    Hmm I think it would be a good idea. Would be fun having team type comps plus maybe it’ll give people more an incentive to participate.
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    I am super jealous! Nice job!
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