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    Oh, what a burn! So, you get a pet then discard it so you can get it again. Are you channeling your inner Rednar?
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    Fact. Super psyched about that day. I like my phone for now, but there's always something "bigger and better", right? Hahaha...
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    Thanks all, gives me a reason to keep battering down her wall...just a pity the drops that aren't rares are now so poor
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    Pets become rather common once you hit some thresholds, so I'm sure you'll get it again in no time
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    Shock is a killer. But at least you have proof you got it even if you don't have it anymore, and it's not like it can't drop again. Keep at it and you'll have it!!!
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    Sucks when that happens. Wasn't Nex, but I afk died at KBD on a pet drop... Hopefully, it won't be long before you get it again.
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    RIP pet... but it will make next time you get it just that much sweeter now!
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    When you mention RHQ on your work resume and that is what catches their eye... NAILED IT!
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    what if that's why it hasn't taken KSB
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    Maximum Grats 3ter1! Welcome to the Guild.... Go have a sit on the throne there
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