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  1. Hey dudes! Name's Xena. I am a former RS3 player now OSRS player. My RS3 name is HiromiNeko and my OSRS name is Xena Hashai. Played since classic and am an alt-o-holic for certain I am wanting to be active on the forums now that I'm finally of age to actually understand forums and what not and have forum experience. As when I was 6 I couldn't really grasp forums or anything. But it's good to be here, I'll be on the lookout for OSRS content But ye, hopefully I will see some of you guys around the threads!
  2. I can definitely agree. :^) I might suggest rather than a guide putting in submission once you click "Quests" you can then click a sub thread choice of "RS3" and "OSRS" leading you to different thread areas. Little more noobie friendly. Then again, I could have looked harder. **End Off Topic Rant** :^)
  3. Always glad to help a manager do his duty.. once more..
  4. Submitting images for the quest "Client of Kourend" Noticed there was none, so I took the time to take them. Cheers!
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