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  1. This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, please feel free to send me a Personal Message.
  2. checked the images and they aren't there.
  3. Quick Art has been promoted to Community Crew manager! Thanks for all the hard work.
  4. Telle has decided to rejoin the Community Crew to help with events. Welcome back
  5. This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, please feel free to send me a Personal Message.
  6. Welcome Quick Art to the Community crew!
  7. Welcome back Soul s_Black (qwerty) back on staff as Community Crew member!
  8. my current ones: Divination - Convert any type of divination memories: 25
  9. You're supposed to hide the cookies from the monster, not hand them over on a plate welcome back!
  10. We welcome Hitori back on the admin team to help us further improve the working of the site.
  11. Runefloors has been removed from the community crew due to inactivity.
  12. Mori has decided to return to the Clan Staff and Events Team! Welcome back!
  13. Telle has resigned from staff due to irl commitments Take care Telle!
  14. Hey everyone, RHQ Clan Staff is happy to introduce 3 new non-staff clan ranks. It's been a while since we added any new ranks, so we decided to add some more xp/time based ranks that clanmembrs can work towards. The requirements for these ranks are rather high. But we want these to be a real achievement and a sign of loyalty. Here is the new non-staff clan rank system. Recruit: Upon joining Corporal: 1 month in clan. Sergeant: 3 months in clan. Lieutenant: 50M clan XP and 6 months in clan. Captain: 100M XP and 12 months in clan. General: 500M XP and 3 years in clan At the start of every month we will update your rank if you have met the requirements of that rank.
  15. Frequently Asked Questions: "How can I become a clan staff member?" Our Clan Staff positions are Invite-only, meaning we do not accept applications or requests for rank. Instead, we select new staff members through internal discussions based on the actual need for the position (whether or not we're shorthanded) and our observations of individuals' behavior. This mostly includes your behavior in-game, but if you have a RuneHQ Forum account, we consider that too. That said, if you are wanting the best chance of becoming a staff member, being on your best behavior and relatively talkative in the clan chat is an excellent start. But don't bother sucking up to us for rank, we can tell when you're doing that. Just be yourself! That's the "you" we want to see. "Are there any requirements such as age or rank to become a staff member?" In a word, no. We have no age requirements. If you're old enough to play RuneScape (13), you can be a staff member for this clan. "Why can only those who have signed the RuneHQ Staff form be part of the clan's high council?" We would like to emphasize that the RuneHQ clan is connected to RuneHQ. The reasoning behind the staff form is based on the fact that we have to be able to trust those to whom we give abilities which could seriously inflict damage to the clan. Everyone in the clan is constantly monitored by their superiors to make sure nothing goes wrong. A clan member or clan moderador might only get demodded or banned when they intentionally hurt the clan. RuneHQ Clan Staff who have signed the Staff form on the contrary are also monitored by the owners of the site and can receive an even bigger punishment for hurting the clan. Not only might they get demodded/banned in the clan, but they also risk getting sued in court in real life by the owners of the RuneHQ Site for intentionally hurting the clan. To be promoted from to the high council rank, you (if you're 18+) or your parents (if you're -18) must sign a form and give the owners of RuneHQ information about who you are in the real world. "Which ranks are allowed to lock/unlock skill plots?" Any staff member with the rank of Coordinator or higher has the ability to lock and unlock skill plots in the Clan Citadel when needed. If you feel that any information in this topic is incorrect/missing or you have another FAQ you feel should be added, then send a PM here on the forum to Alfawarlord and Katalex.
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