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Found 2 results

  1. To make a long story short.... I suck at pking, but I would love to learn. Can anyone think of some good runescape pk beginners guides/ videos that would help? I want to build a 99 str pure build (I've always wanted one) but I've just never could figure out the ways to go about it. I'm definitely open to suggestions. Thanks in advance. *** NOTE: I am currently unable to play at the moment due to financial issues ***
  2. We are ''Vanguards'' A small sized social, Skilling clan. We are looking for quality gamers that like to be involved in a chill group, do events and skill together. Our clan has just started from scratch and we are doing everything we can to get new, experienced members in! Are you looking for a friendly helpful clan to chat, joke, and laugh? Are you looking for a clan where you can be yourself, and not get lost in the crowd? Look no further! We want you! Vanguards is a Social/Skilling/PVM Clan and we are actively recruiting in OSRS. We are currently starting and looking for members to help us grow! We welcome all players (Mains, Ironmen, Pkers, Skillers), experienced and inexperienced! We currently have members from multiple timezones; US, Europe. Our aim is to build a friendly group of gamers, who can learn from each other, help each other, do activities together, celebrate each others' accomplishments and of course have lots of FUN! What do we offer? - We are a friendly and helpful CC to chat, share jokes, and laugh! - Support as you achieve your goals! - Bossing trips (Corp, GWD, Nightmare, and more) - Random activities such as wintertodt, barbarian assault, etc. - A fun and useful Discord server to share memes and talk! What are our requirements? - We are looking for legit players. We follow the Runescape rules! - We have no age restrictions, but expect friendly and respectable behaviour. - We only speak English in the cc. - Respect each other. Give back what you get! So What Are You Waiting for? Visit us or Join VANGUARDS today! To Visit or join, simply search Vanguards using the new Clan Search feature. And/or join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/XNtHcRKr OSRS Forum's Quick find code: 320-321-619-66225364
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