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  1. INTRODUCTION Winter Clan could always use more adventurers to assist them in their ventures to the God Wars Dungeons or a greater presence at Pest control! ABOUT US We are a large gaming community spanning over 20+ games on 4 major consoles in a discord with well over 7000 members, we have recently started our Runescape community on the 03.05.2020 and are looking for more like-minded, mature gamers to join in this new venture. For over 20 years we have been a family united by a love of online gaming and the social aspects that come with it on a number of platforms which include the latest AAA titles and others such as Tabletop Simulator, Scribbl.io and Dungeons and Dragons. Website: https://winterclan.net/ RUNESCAPE In regards to Runescape we have clans for both RS3 and OSRS, we offer events for all types of players Pay-To-Play, Free-To-Play. Skillers and PvMer’s. Our events cater to new players, mid-game players and endgame/maxed players. We run 8+ events per week which will increase with the more members we gain and we encourage those to group up and boss with one another aside from the scheduled events. Feel free to Guest in our clan chat: Winter Clan in RS3 you can check us out there or request an invite to the clan. However to become a fully fledged member to participate in clan events, bossing and competitions/tournaments you will need to join our Discord and sign up for our website www.winterclan.net LOCATION We exist all across the globe, but have our strongest presence in North America and Europe . For many games, we organize our teams by region to allow for a smoother gaming experience. We are currently looking to expand our Australian/APAC region. REQUIREMENTS We are currently recruiting new members. If you meet these following requirements then please follow our website link above. Mature (16+ years old) Have a microphone Readable discord name (no special characters, invisible names or stylized letters) Do not post an inappropriate Discord status Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon! If you have any additional questions feel free to send me a DM on discord: Mikestrike03#6912 Thanks ~ Mike
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