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[Submission Added]Back from the Freezer item images

RuneHQ Robot

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File: item/hammer-freezer
Section: item
Members: Yes
Info: i do have a picture of,flax, gps, hammer, hat, de-lore-ing device(incomplete), de-lore-ing device(complete), monkey wrench, cabbage, worthless boots, coolant holder, cool-ant, pure S-now, killerwatt energy for Back To The Freezer quest.

flax bttf.PNG

gps rs.PNG

hammer - rs back to the freezer.PNG

hat bttf.PNG

de-lore-ing device (incomplete).PNG

de-lore-ing device (complee).PNG

monkey wrench.PNG


worthless boots.PNG

colant holder.PNG


pure S-now.PNG

killerwatt energy.PNG

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Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.

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