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[RuneHQ Event] The Zamorakian Undercity (ED4)


Event details


The Elder God threat may have ended, but not all is quiet in Senntisten as Zamorakian forces stir and Gielinor’s fate hangs in the balance once more. Brave heroes must face the assembled forces of Zamorakian Undercity, deep below Senntisten.

In order to save Gielinor itself we must face off against Zamorak himself and survive long enough to restore the Edict’s and expel the gods once more. Do you heed this call or will Gielinor fall?

    There will be a gear requirement of T80 Armour/T90 Weapon.


Event Details
Date: Saturby 10th June
Time: 18:00 Game Time
FC: Sy Accursed
World: 88
Location: The Zamorakian Undercity



    Discord details
    Join here



    We hope to see you all there!
     RuneHQ Events Team

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