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Evil Bloodwood Tree (Special)


Event details

This event began 02/08/2024 and repeats every week forever

The Evil Bloodwood Tree is a skilling event consisting of 3 sub-events (Evil Bloodwood Tree: Feed, Evil Bloodwood Tree: Chop, and Evil Bloodwood Tree: Burn) that spawns just South West of the Wilderness crater on the grassy area with a grave. During all 3 sub-events, you may get a message that you feel the ground below your feet shaking. Shortly afterwards, evil roots will sprout from the tile dealing a small amount of damage and stunning you. Moving 1 tile avoids this attack.

For the firstphase, you will and grind Bones from 4 skeletons to nurture the blood sapling with (click thetree). For the second phase, simply click the tree once to continually chop at it – once your inventory is full, just keep chopping. For the third and final phase, you must contribute Evil tree kindling to the butchered bloodwood tree to burn it down. Players will have some of this in their inventory from the previous phase and there will be 4 fire spirits surrounding the tree that can be clicked to obtain more kindling.

See our Wilderness Flash Events guide for more information!

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