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[RuneHQ Event] Pride Month


Event details


This year we are celebrating Pride Month with a rainbow of PVM events and some fun challenges for event attendees to earn some prizes!

Over the month we have events for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple attend all 6 colours to earn an award on our forums.

We also have 2 costume contests to win a bonds (details in our discord)

Our events run at 18:00 game time every Saturday and Sunday for 1 hour using the EventHQ friends chat.

The Events

  • Red - Saturday 1st June - Zamorak
  • Orange - Saturday 8th June - Dragonkin Laboratory (ED2)
  • Yellow - Sunday 9th June - Gregorovic
  • Green - Sunday 16th June - Croesus
  • Blue - Sunday 23rd June - Zemouregal & Vorkath
  • Purple - Sunday 30th June - Rise of the Six

And since doing 6 exact dates is hard and not everyone loves PVM we also have 4 wildcard events that can be claimed for any 1 colour:

  • Sunday 2nd June - Osseous
  • Saturday 15th June - Dungeoneering
  • Saturday 22nd June - Pest Control
  • Saturday 29th June - Barbarian Assault

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