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    Since we just got a FM update it is a good time to have a FM XP competition! As always there are some restrictions: - One RSN per person entry allowed. - Can enter after the competition starts but will be at a disadvantage. The competition will start April 4th 00:00 game time and will end April 11th 00:00 game time. The winners of the competition will win: 1st place - 3m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs 2nd place - 2m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs 3rd place - 1m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs As they say in the Hunger Games, may the odds ever be in your favor. Crystal Math Lab Comp I have added all those on the pre-signup list. @ChathMurrpau @With Faith @Aaros @Dorky Girl @Fuzzyjoe162 @graystar @Hankinator @Hope @Loucetios @Numerous One @senug @SiriusXM @Super Fly @Telle @Toeby @Zing101 Everyone else please join in and have some fun!
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    You got Flo! That's very progressive! Grats!
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    Was afking some golden bamboo on a large island and found this feather floating around.... followed by a strange rock lol =3 Pets still needed Dojo Mojo Baby Yaga's House Gemi >.> Bernie Ace Malcolm Sifu Kangali Wallace Ghostly Newton Shamini
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    What a grape surprise! Two purple gems... No need to wine about that! Grats!
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    Damn just going With the Flo huh? Grats!
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    Congrats!! Good thing your adze didn't burn him up...
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    Mqc? comp? randomly do achievements? 200M OR BUST!!! options are endless....ish lol
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    All I can say is I am never going back there.
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    It's from his December to March being away. Sirius forgot to post that he came back
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    Bruh i'm having a hard time trying to remember everything xD
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    I stopped chasing the beans but after selling off a truckload of Dragons I had enough for this.
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    Used some DTDs at Nex figured I would just leave the log here in case anyone is interested: Dart 1: 400 green dragonhide Dart 2: 40 Grimy Torstol Dart 3: Virtus boots (LOTD shined) and Nex's followers book Dart 4: 375 Magic Logs Dart 5: 40 Grimy Torstol Dart 6: 375 Magic Logs Dart 7: 80 Luminite stone spirts Dart 8: 75 Grimy dwarf weed, 75 Grimy avantoe, 1 loop half of a key (LOTD shined), 1 diamond (LOTD shined). Approx 1.283m/dtd
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    When you mention RHQ on your work resume and that is what catches their eye... NAILED IT!