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    It gives me great pleasure to promote ChathMurrpau to the position of Content Admin. She has proven herself many times over and i could not be prouder to have her in this rank
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    Many Congratulations to you!!!
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    Adding on to that, look for this image.. If in legacy mode.. press the ESC key and you should see it. Cheers and welcome back
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    Open up the sword and shield icon on the bottom right which is the hero tab and click on the achievements tab. To find the achievement diary for each area, click on the exploration tab on the left side of the achievements tab and you will see your progress per area. Hope this helps and if you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Regards senug
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    Way to go Amy!!!!! You deserve it, and more, for all your hard work.
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    Congratulations Amy!! Well deserved!
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    Nice Amy! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving
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    Congrats! Long overdue, I have nothing left to teach you Padawan
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    Congrats Amy!!! Well deserved!
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    Congrats Amy!! Well Deserved!!!!!
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    What a shiny new stalker you have! Congrats!
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    Mori has decided to return to the Clan Staff and Events Team! Welcome back!
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    Looks like you're hammering out those reqs, grats!
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    Welcome back Mori!
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    glad to hear it =D Welcome back!
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    Thanks for the help, come back when real life permits!
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    Welcome back bud!
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    Welcome back! Events team, too, gl!
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    Got the big 1 Billion total xp tonight!! I had been paying attn to it then I was just killing celestial dragons and boom.. there it was
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    Old McZandy had a farm E-I-E-I-O, :P
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    Yee-haw, dem xp gains!!! Congrats =3
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    Surprised you remembered to take it with you this time around! Gzz
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    Yeah, Its like all my rng has built up over the year to all come at once
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    You're on fire dude!!! Congrats
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    I was considering joking that you should do that Congrats again
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    Too many choices wtg!!
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    Wow, the Rednar is strong with you...
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    Thinking about destroying it and getting it again Zand hehehe
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    200m or bust
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