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  1. Forums are up and running! Join us at http://eldiablos.jcink.net/
  2. Welcome, dear reader, to our recruitment thread. El Diablos is a brand new Old School RuneScape clan. Just a few weeks old, El Diablos consists of about 30 members. Everyone is welcome to join us, no strings or obligations attached. We accept both experienced and new RuneScape players. The oldest player in our clan has over 15 years of RuneScape experience, while the youngest only recently joined after the addition of RuneScape mobile! What we offer: - - An active and sociable Clan chat + Discord channel, where you can chat with a helpful and friendly community while ploughing your way to the grindfest that is called RuneScape; - - Weekly events, both F2P and P2P, where the main emphasis lies on hanging out together in a chill environment (skilling, minigames, questing, boss battles, parties…); - - A group of players that stands up for each other as a family. In our clan, everyone’s equal. You’ll always find a helpful hand when in need, or someone to talk to. How to join? Just hop in to our clan chat: 9pablodiablo. Don’t be afraid to say hi and let us know how you found out about us! General information: Clan chat: 9pablodiablo Discord channel: Pablodiablo#3828 Forums: Coming soon Signature item: Jungle Demon Mask. We all wear one when we meet up for non-combat events! Home world: T.B.D. Time zone of most members: EST, although we also have members living in GMT. Some pictures of our first event: