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  1. Description should read "... in your inventory or in your currency pouch." This is in two places
  2. For the clue: Brush off the sand …. Replace: Don't worry, its coal to …. onwards With: Don't worry, permission has been granite to dig there. Also under "Solutions" Replace: Dig south of the …. etc With: Dig just north of the barrow (There are no clay rocks in this area now)
  3. The ingredient for Iron and Steel Titans has changed. No longer Iron / Steel Plate bodies but now Iron / Steel Ingot
  4. The clue: Search for a crate on the ground floor of a house in Seers' village. Answer: House is south of the bar.
  5. Search the Chests in the Dwarven Mine Go down the ladder from the Dwarven mine north of Falador and run South then west then south to Hura the crossbow merchant. The chest is nearby.
  6. In the deep sea fishing hub, Sail Fish are now in the NE corner, not the NW corner as stated.
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