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  1. (Currently Un-named) Looking for a place to park your PK'n alt or main a zerker an need a new home? Range/mage tank looking for some buddies to help you damage the victims of the wild down with? Want to cream some guys training pray at the lev 38 wild alter? Look no further then here! We are looking to grow our group as we are freshly started. (still looking for name suggestions) Requirements: Under 45 Def Members (F2P may join unranked) Friendly/ Non-Toxic personality Information: Started June 24th 2019 Mainly 60+ cmbt accounts currently Small Home World 445 CC "Extremekidds" If you are interested in joining or just chatting with us hop into our CC an see how you like the crowd we are building! You may also message Son_Of_KBD or Extremekidds himself for information! Group trips to start soon!
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