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  1. Great guide until one point. Under Part V: Curse of Arrav during the part where you are getting the Canopic Jar it says "Note: If your urn doesn't fill up there are two possible reasons. First you have a partially filled cooking urn in the real world. You will have to either destroy or complete it before you can fill up the one in New Varrock. Second there is a glitch that requires an open inventory spot in your inventory to fill the cooking urn." I had a completely unstarted, unused, and forgotten about cooking urn in my regular bank that had been there a few years. It might be the "few years" part that did it, but I could not do this section of the quest until I had gotten rid of the thing. Since I am smart like that, I did test that this was the issue before going any further, and then had no other problems. However I highly suggest instead of saying the problem might happen if you have a started urn, maybe change that to "if you have an urn in your bank this could be the problem" or something. For me, it was that I had an urn at all, I gather.
  2. "Time is just a social construct, Mom." -Yes dear, I am aware of that.


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      So is currency, to be fair. Also, misread "Reply to this status" as "Reply to this statue". Perfect.

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