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  1. Good Morning to you!

  2. 10k banite ore needed. Progress so far: almost 4k. Uuuuugh.

  3. "Addict" by Vivziepop's team. (check it out on youtube, but careful, it's definitely a explicit with some rather painful themes in the video) All that said, it's bloody amazing.
  4. On Wednesday I lost my daughter of nearly 20 1/2 years, Circe. I'd raised her since I was 5 and until now I've had no living memories without her alive. Dealing with this change is going to be very hard. I love you baby kitty, sleep well.

    My first daughter.JPG

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hope


      So sorry for your loss, she had a long life,

      mine is 18, I dread the day that I know is getting closer

    3. Alk12


      Sorry for your loss mate 😢 I know how they become a true part of the family, especially after such a long time. Lots of strength.

    4. Solzhe


      i am sorry for your loss 😭 i know this was a heartbroken moments for you, but just know that the cat is in a better place now.

  5. In the first week of Archaeology I got 4 dragon mattocks from big game hunter. Now that I actually need one, I'm about 100 kills dry.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. senug


      Should have kept at least one of those mattocks eh? 😄

    3. Dimir Editor

      Dimir Editor

      ehn it's not like I can't do big game hunter 😛

      Finally got those 2, but in 1 level I will be making time and space, and then getting 2 more so I can have time and space both auged and on my toolbelt.

    4. Dimir Editor

      Dimir Editor

      Nope, apparently I'm dumb and unlike earth and song, time and space is level 99 gg thanks jagex

  6. R/R I will make a point of looking at these later tonight ^_^
  7. I'm getting married today but the number one things stressing me is people bugging me while I'm working on other things. I can send you all photos later, let me deal with the paperwork and stay caught up in school first!

    1. Zandahar


      Congrats on the nuptials!

    2. moridin_1


      Only just seen this..Massive congratulations mate!!  Hoping you're enjoying a nice honeymoon 🙂

    3. Dimir Editor

      Dimir Editor

      @moridin_1oh no that's not going to be for awhile we aren't particularly wealthy haha

  8. I knew wedding planning was a mess, but wow do people go hard on the details. So many of these decisions Emma and I are just like "... but why though?"

  9. "Grand Poobah De-Doink of All of This and That" - Great title would recommend

  10. Hurrah! We're back again! Many thanks to Sirius for squishing away.

  11. I'm currently listening to my cat yelling that no one loves her (completely untrue), and "First Date" by Ninja Sex Party.
  12. Nerd =/= geek I know, but it's the closest I had. Welcome aboard!
  13. During chapter 2 I found 2 of the memories didn't unlock with the ones listed ("Silly old sheep" and "Gilly"), I found that "cloak" and "baba" unlock them.
  14. 1 more year until you can once again claim that you are in your prime! Happy rotations around the sun!

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