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  1. Hi, I'm looking for an optimal inventory setup to defeat bork in the chaos tunnels. I know that I need an extreme set (or an overload), a super antifire, and an emergency teleport. I can definitely do the quest while guthix sleeps and maybe ritual of the mahjarrat this year. Im about to do swan song and Kings ransom (both required for while guthix sleeps). Here are my current stats: 66 slayer 68 HP 65 attack, strength and defense 66 Magic 65 Ranged
  2. Hi, I'm about to get 67 slayer and 70 in all of my combat stats. Here are my current combat stats and let me know if you think that I should attempt the Branches of Darkmeyer quest: 66 Magic 64 Prayer 64 attack, strength, and defense 64 ranged 63 summoning. 67 HP Also, what should I have in my inventory setup for the final fight for the quest? I know that I have to be able to defeat level 98 enemies. I think that this is also the quest where I get blisterwood weapons. What levels should I have my combat stats at least before I attempt the final boss fight for this quest?
  3. Hi, I recently unlocked the invention skill on RS3. My current total level is 2063 (yes I'm getting close to maxing). My current combat level is 91 with 321 quest points. I'm currently confused on how to train the invention skill. I need someone to tell me the most optimal inventory setup for invention so that i can train it independently. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I just got 73 construction last night. I know that levels 73-99 is floatsam prawnbrokers. I already bought all 4 rooms of my player owned house. How exactly do I buy the aquarium? I know that it costs 200K GP but I'm not sure where to buy it from. I'm also very close to level 75 construction for the gilded altar for prayer training and plague's end.
  5. Hi, Also for the quest the temple at sennisten the warpriest armor also comes recommended. I don't want to go to the God Wars dungeon to get the armor. Is there an easier way to get it than going to god wars?
  6. I'm currently trying to buy the armor right now. It doesn't have that as an option for me to buy the armor.
  7. Hi, I'm currently trying to get the ghost hunter hybrid equipment on runescape right now. I'm trying to get the equipment for the quest the temple at sennisten. I'm currently killing tortured souls in Port Phasmatys for the ghost hunter equipment. I'm wondering if there is currently a better way to get the ghost hunter equipment on RS3.
  8. Hi, My question is how I get scrimshaws on RS3. I'm going to do the curse of arrav after I do Lunar diplomacy and then get curses right after. I'm wondering how I get scrimshaws. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have an online bank account with high-yield Certificates of deposit (CD's). My question is if it's possible for people to live off of CDs as opposed to working a traditional 9-5 job. Thanks.
  10. I was wearing full grifolic armor with a mystic air staff. I was using the best air spell i can use and it still wasn't doing that much.
  11. Hi, I'm currently on the final fight part of the quest Crocodile tears on RS3. Here are my current stats: 62 attack and strength 64 magic, ranged, and defense 64 prayer 59 summoning At the moment I'm struggling to defeat the level 107 monster as the boss of the quest. That's why I'm wondering if I should raise my combat stats higher to finish this quest. Thanks.
  12. I'm more of a skiller. I only have a main account that I'm going for comp cape on right now. I don't like to train my combat skills until after I make money. I just bought my pernix boots and pernix body today. Right now I'm trying to save for Tier-80 power armor. I already have full Banite+4.
  13. Hi, My question is approximately how long it takes to save up for a noxious (or other T90) weapon on RS3 using average money making methods? Noxious equipment costs over 100M. I'm just wondering on average how long it takes people to come up with the money for noxious equipment on RS3. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I know that player owned farms recently came out. I'm still having trouble understanding it. What is the best inventory for it? My farming level is currently level 68. I have a low construction level of 56 but I will work on it soon. I know that there is money in player owned farms. I know that I wont start making money with farming until at least level 80. Right now I just need help understanding the way that player owned farms works and an optimal inventory setup for it. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I was just trying to play a game on my relatively new xbox one s console. The game worked but the audio didn't. The microphone on the welcome screen has a slash through it. How do I resolve this problem? Also, I'm still having trouble connecting my Xbox360 controllers to the console. My old controllers died. I've tried the MicroUSB and wireless.
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