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  1. I'm in an "at will" state. I live in new York (nowhere near NYC). The only exceptions to the at will policy are discrimination. That restaurant has a bad reputation anyway. I got my paycheck and I only went there for 1 shift to train.
  2. Hi, I just picked up another restaurant job as a line cook at a local diner in my region. Let me be clear that this specific diner/restaurant has a bad reputation with quote "a horrible owner". I was hired as a line cook and then went out of town on vacation and the owner said that he would call me when he wants me back with my next shift. I just called them a few minutes ago and they basically said that I'm laid off. They said that they hired a more experienced cook. That's not my real line of work anyway, and plus this restaurant/diner has a terrible reputation. My real line of work is in the information technology field. I'm currently trying to re-enter the IT field and whatever that I'm laid off from that bad restaurant job because they've got a crappy reputation anyway. I just lost another bad job. In the suburbs in my region the problem is that those jobs are mostly bad jobs. All the higher-paying better middle class are located in the city in my region. I live in the suburbs.
  3. I looked at the bus map for 2 months away and there won't be buses in the suburbs in my region anymore. I don't live in the city in my region. I live in the suburbs. Most of the buses in my region won't leave the city partially because of criminals from the city causing problems at the local amusement park every summer. To add to that a total of 5 or 6 restaurants permanently closed in my region because of minimum wage (more closed since I posted this forum). Plus i just spent $36 (thats about the same as a tank of gas) to Uber it to a doctors appointment today. it was $18 per trip. I got to figure out a way to afford to maintain a car so I can save up to move out.
  4. Hi, Let me start this off by saying that I live in New York State (not new york city). Most of the jobs in my region are low-paid service jobs. new york is raising the minimum wage to 15/hour. There's no job pool at the end and I'm trying to save up for a car so i can afford to move out later. owning a car is the only cost-effective way to get around in my region. All the jobs on indeed are part time at best. In january the minimum wage in my region is going up to $11.80/hour. You get layoffs from there. That's the problem.Two restaurants in my region already permanently closed. All of my friends that I know are still living with their parents at home. some of them own their own car but I need to own a car in my region before I can even think about moving out. Plus the bus station in my region next year is changing the bus schedules so that half the buses wont leave the city. Taking an Uber isn't worth it in my region compared to owning a car. I also work in the information technology line of work. i can code and do network and systems admin. i can do almost everything in IT. And then there's also declining demand for tech jobs in my region. Plus all the call centers in my region have bad reputations and pay minimum wage. I'm trying to move out but I need a car first. You can't even live independently or support a car on welfare. That's $1,000 per month and you can't afford independence on that or own a car on that. what should I do?
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