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    Hi, I want to start making online courses on udemy/skillshare and do youtube for passive income. My question is how exactly I would replicate Forrest Knight's videos on youtube (not copyright, just replicating the way that he makes his videos). what hardware and software do I need? I'm on a very low budget so I cant afford high-end video editing software like Premiere Pro and Avid Media composer. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2WHjPDvbE6O328n17ZGcfg I'm just wondering how to make high quality youtube videos and skillshare courses. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I want to start making Runescape videos on YouTube for side income/passive income. I need someone to make an intro for me with no watermark. Can someone point me in a direction for where I can get a free youtube intro/outro with no watermark? Thank you.
  3. Hi, My farming level on RS3 is currently level 58. I need to raise it for the quest While Guthix sleeps. I mostly raised my farming levels through experience lamps/treasure hunter. I already have the magic watering can from Fairy Tale 3. I need advice on an optimal inventory setup for farming. I'm supposed to do maple trees to 60 farming, and Yew trees to 75 farming. I just spent a lot of money on Maple seeds from runecrafting blood runes through the abyss. I'm also trying to save money for smithing and construction, and also all anima armor sets. I just need help right now on an optimal inventory setup for farming on RS3.
  4. Hi, My question is how would I work my schedule around 2 apprenticeships that i currently have applied to? I recently interviewed at my local stonemason/bricklayers union for the masonry apprenticeship and the welders union as a backup plan. They said that usually the bricklayers starts at 7am and ends at 4-5pm. I also applied to the welders union also. My question is how to do both trades without one interfering with the other? Thank you.
  5. Hi, I recently published 2 courses on skillshare to start making passive income online. I know that I published the courses and now the courses that I published are not showing up on the classes im teaching section of skillshare. my videos are still uploaded to the website, as i just viewed the course. But they're not showing up under classes that I'm teaching. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Thank you.
  6. No I'm not an advertiser for Udemy, I'm just looking for more easy to teach topic ideas that I might be good at.
  7. Hi, I literally just uninstalled and reinstalled the runescape 3 game client. All of a sudden I'm experiencing random game freezes and random logoffs to the lobby. Does Jagex know about these problems or is it just my internet connection? I'm out of town at the time that I'm writing this post so it might just be the internet connection. If someone can please let Jagex know about this issue so they can resolve it, that would be great. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to become an instructor on Udemy.com, but the website is experiencing some technical problems. I have some ideas of topics and courses that I can make courses about, and I know to obviously teach to my strengths. I'm good at Resume writing, and writing in general. Plus I'm a certified Google IT support professional, so I can also teach some technology topics. Does anyone else have any good ideas for me about courses that I can make on Udemy? Thank you.
  9. Hi, My question is what are some good monsters to train on to train my combat up. I currently have 77 combat, 56 ranged, 56 magic, 56 strength and defense, and 55 attack, 48 prayer, 56 summoning. I also have 53 slayer. I've tried and can do black demons in the tavelery dungeon. I just have to remember to bring prayer potions/super restores, an emergency teleport tab, and food (swordfish). I kill the black demons with ranged (because that's the best way to defeat them). Are there any other good ideas of monsters to train on at my level for melee and magic? Thank you.
  10. Hi, I'm having trouble finding ways to make money on RS3 in members. I currently have 272 quest points and just finished the quest 'a void dance'. Im currently at the moment smithing cannonballs for money. That's approx 1.1m an hour. I was doing red salamanders for a while but the price is going down and they're not selling on the grand exchange and my grimy herbs to clean arent buying either. I'm trying to save up for full armadyl ranged armor and more barrows equipment. I also tried snakes on Mos Le'Harmless after I finished cabin fever but the jungle horrors are annoying. I cant hunt grenwalls until I finish the medium Tiranaryyn tasks because the grenwalls require bait which requires bait (even more annoying) (which requires me to do more quests). Here are some of my stats and the quests that I have completed: - Monkey madness - almost finished with recipe for disaster - desert treasure - next on my quest list is Family Crest and then Legend's quest and then Mourning's end Part 1. Stats include: 82 Hunter 99 runecrafting (but not 57 summoning) - 56 summoning - 51 farming 53 slayer 90 divination 56 in all combat stats except for attack (which is 55) Anyway, does anyone have any ideas for how I can make money on runescape 3 with these stats/quests? Plus I tried gathering mort myre fungus but that also didnt work out.