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  1. On 2/25/2021 at 5:27 PM, Guest some display name said:

    Also - what happened to the submit missing or incorrect data form that used to be on the TT page? the page still references the form, but its gone. And while we're on the topic of bugs, this forum shows body and title as "required" fields, but not the display name, but submitting with the display name field empty validates and then tells you that you need one. UI quality sure has fallen.

    The original front-end form for submitting corrections (which would then be posted on our submission forums automatically) was discontinued out of necessity, due to how the IPB forums evolved (they rewrote their API) in combination with security concerns. It would still be possible, but at this moment I/we do not have the resources to make this happen. Everything from spam control to validation etc would require manual implementation; not such a trivial task.

    Regarding the reference to the form: the only reference I see in the TT guide is the following sentence: "Clue level not known please submit level and picture of clue using the form at the end of the guide. Thanks".

    @Ksb Single This phrase should indeed be adjusted/removed.


    The second issue about the display name is an IPB forums specific issue. I'll have a look if I can somehow correct that.

    Thanks for your feedback.


    EDIT: I've confirmed/reproduced the "second issue" but I can't fix it via usual means; it's an IPB forums bug. We'll report it, that's all we can do for now.


  2. The "Submit a RuneHQ Broken Link" is now fixed and will lead to the forums. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. The other issues will be solved soon.

    One other thing I noticed in your screenshot is the big gap between the top part of the item data (with the image in it) and the part starting with the requirements. May I ask if that gap is always there for you? And if so, also on other items? It looks like your using chrome, but I'm not able to reproduce the gap. It shouldn't be there; all browsers I am able to test with properly display it (firefox, chrome, edge, old ie).


    22 hours ago, 4EverAweSome said:

    Should look like:


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