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  1. Yup, got 4th Statius's warhammer drop at KC 42678. Loot RNG has been spectacular, pet RNG not so much...
  2. Got 3rd Statius's warhammer drop at KC 41393
  3. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  4. It is probably due to the Mining and Smithing rework. Thanks for the pic as it will allow us to get the guide and pic updated.
  5. 7 Deathtouch Darts at Nex: 400 green dragonhide (679,200) 10 super restore (4) (39,740), 30 Sara brew (40) (240,900) 80 Luminite stone spirits (56,960) 400 green dragonhide (679,200) 10 super restore (4) (39,740), 30 Sara brew (40) (240,900) 5 magic seeds (122,525) 375 Onyx bolts (e) (high alch for 9k each so 3,375,000) Avg gp per kill: 739,166
  6. G33kt3ch has been removed from CE staff due to inactivity/IRL duties. Leave any comments for him below.
  7. I guess I was a little to slow on that post...
  8. @ChathMurrpau see above. If you just take screen shots of each step one of the content editors will do all the editing of the pics for you, that is not a problem. If possible try to save the pictures in a PNG format since that keeps best quality. It looks like there are a number of puzzles if possible it would be nice to have pictures of before and after or each puzzle to show what it looks likes before and after solving it. Thanks for the help!
  9. @Hail4GamingCould you provide any help here?
  10. Got Ellie the Chaos Elemental pet at KC 887 and completed the Chaos Title at the same time. Now back to Revs to get that dragon pet.
  11. Was doing some Chaos Elemental looking for some tasty ribs and then it happened:
  12. I'm guessing your talking about editing the first post. I believe there is a certain post count required to be able to edit. Under your name you have the title "new member" I think when you become an "established member" you get the option to edit it. Saying that I did a quick edit to update your first post for you. Enjoy your quests and good luck!
  13. Eleventh Revenant pet Ork at 37612 kc Also got my augmented revenant bane 2h sword to level 20 so now my scavenging perk will go off more.
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