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  1. Use this thread to talk about any of the new Land out of Time release. If you would like to help us with content to update our site with please post that info on this post Enjoy the update!!
  2. Please post any info you find about Land out of Time so we can get the content updated. Few things we need: More info on Pressure Plates: Info on: Scorpion Ballistae Info to make a strategy guide
  3. Player-Owned Farms lots of info there
  4. It should be in your bank. As far as I understand it, if you drop or destroy it they are gone permanently. So if it won't let you start a new one the old one should be in your bank. If you search for "clue scroll" it should pull up any open or sealed clue scroll. Then look at each one there may be multiple as you can have one of each level open.
  5. Thanks for all your work. I hope life goes well. (Also I think there are grats in order for your 50m WC milestone.)
  6. put your cursor over the minimap and use you mouse scroll feature, the middle scroll button. On my laptop i use the mouse pad and use the scroll feature to change it. I hope that makes sense. If not I can try to explain it better.
  7. Who still does tree runs... Congrats!!!!
  8. That's a nice find!
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