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  1. Eighth Revenant pet Cyclops at 18866 kc. Also got 108 attack and 113 farming recently. I currently have 28/30 drops from chaos elemental boss log. Missing pet and 1 armor.
  2. Ksb Single


  3. Seventh Revenant pet Werewolf at 14881 kc
  4. Got my second Statius's warhammer drop at about 13.8k kc. Sold for 41m. I currently have 25/30 drops from chaos elemental boss log. 1 of the 5 missing is pet...
  5. Got a Statius's warhammer drop at about 11.5k kc. Sold for 40m. I currently have 24/30 drops from chaos elemental boss log. 1 of the 6 missing is pet...
  6. Sixth Revenant pet Vampyre at 11099 kc. Also got 120 invent recently:
  7. So I bought 100 sundry magic beans from POF and took them to the Canifis mushroom patch. This is the loot from them: The zygos instant sold for ~7.2m .
  8. Well, luck seems to be on my side... Can't complain about 32 kills for next pet. Probably gonna be forever for next one though... Fifth Revenant pet Hobgoblin at 4169 kc.
  9. Fourth Revenant pet Pyrefiend at 4137 kc.
  10. Third Revenant Pet Icefiend at 1834 kc.