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  1. Hey, I have a suggestion for the holy grail quest on step 12. It mentions going back to the Fisher King's realm, to save getting a charter to Brimhaven, Iv'e found out that you can use the fairy ring code BJR (if fairy rings are unlocked), but only AFTER you have given Percival the whistle otherwise you wont be able to get the holy grail. See below my edit, feel free to change it ofcourse! 12. Return to the Fisher King's realm.(see note for fairy ring) You will see that the countryside is green and growing again and that the Black Knight Titan is gone. Enter the castle through the large doors and go up the central staircase to find that Percival is now king. Talk to him to receive his thanks. Note: AFTER you have given Percival the whistle you can use the fairy ring code BJR (if fairy rings unlocked) to get to the realm directly
  2. Hi I recently finished this quest however when you collect the giant bat wing it says that there is a giant bat at the coast of catherby, this is incorrect, I ended up going to yanille agility dungeon but there are other places for them Please edit! Giant bat wing Kill a Giant bat South of Catherby, along the coast.
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