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  1. If you are one of the people on this list, you are instantly signed up for every competition! Current Participants Quick Art - Same Ksb Single - Same Senug - Senug5 ChathMurrpau - Same Hope - Hope 1789 Aaros - Aaros Graystar - Same Aegis Miner - Same DarkAlice - Same Telle - Same Alfawarlord - Same Flashharriet - Same Toeby - same If you're interested, reply with your RSN. Please limit one account per person. Thank you!
  2. It seems that we had a little bit of lag (and maybe some lost paperwork) that resulted in us missing the announcement of TWO staff members taking on a second role! =0 We are happy to announce that..... WithFaith has taken on the role of Community Crew Manager (along side his management of the Devs) to help whip em back into shape. And moridin_1 has decided to assist the Events Team section of Community Crew (along side his epic work as Clan Staff). Be sure to join our Events to thank and congratulate him. Congratulations to you both and huge thank you for you
  3. You may have noticed that our Discord server has 2 twitch channels. These will automatically advertise when a connected Twitch stream is live. To advertise your stream on our channel(s), simply make a new topic in this subforum including the link to your Twitch channel and tell us if it is an RS3 stream, OSRS stream, or both.
  4. These awards are given out showing that you are a fan of one of the following shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, or My Little Ponies. These have no requirements, you just need to request it. Please post below if you would like one and which one(s) you would like. Please also include the reason why you like the show so much so others know why you are a fan.
  5. This is a complete list of the forum awards and what they mean and how to get them: Post count awards: These are awarded when your post count total hits the award amount. 250 Posts 500 Posts 1000 Posts 2000 Posts 3000 Posts Staff awards: These are awarded when years on staff pass the specified milestone. 1 year of service 2 years of service 3 years of service 4 years of service 5 years of service 10 years of service Featured staff member award that is given to staff members who were a featur
  6. Have an idea for a Poll that you would like to see on the forum main page? Reply to this comment and make a suggestion. Remember that all suggestions must follow the RuneHQ Rules and to include a main question(s) as well as selection options. Please keep suggestions to RuneScape and RuneHQ based themes. We look forward to seeing your suggestions!
  7. In this thread, you'll find an up to date copy of our forum rules. Please take some time to read these as it will ensure your RuneHQ Experience will be a good one! 1. The most important rule we have on RuneHQ is respect. Do not do anything which may disrespect or offend another member of the forums in any way. Examples include but are not limited to: Flaming, being rude, trolling, or just intentionally being mean to other users. Swearing or vulgar language. Acronyms that include swearing may be tolerated, but only if they are being used in a positive sense rather than being u
  8. This board serves as a place for all users to ask any questions they have concerning the site content and anything content related. Please be sure to check the Guidelines board first. If you have any questions about this board contact a Content Editor or Content Manager. ~ RuneHQ Content Managers ~
  9. File: item/hammer-freezer Section: item Members: Yes Username: Info: i do have a picture of,flax, gps, hammer, hat, de-lore-ing device(incomplete), de-lore-ing device(complete), monkey wrench, cabbage, worthless boots, coolant holder, cool-ant, pure S-now, killerwatt energy for Back To The Freezer quest.
  10. Need help on an 07 (aka OSRS) quest like Shield of Arrav or Heroes' quest? Look no further! When requesting a partner please try to be as patient as possible. We greatly suggest trying to contact at least a couple of names on the list when you are placing your own name on the list. Simply post in this topic what quest you need help in, the best way to contact you, your RuneScape name, and when you're available. Example: Runescape name: Sirius XM Gang you are in: Phoenix Quest: Heroes' Quest Best way to contact you: TeamSpeak Playtime/Timezone: 3-6pm
  11. While RuneScape themed writings are preferred, other themes are completely allowed. Please just remember to follow the Forum Rules when sharing and have fun!
  12. Hello RuneHQ! If you are interested in starting or participating in a debate, here are a few simple guidelines that you should be following: Please be considerate of everyone elses feelings and beliefs when you post your responses, obviously you feel very strongly for your argument otherwise you wouldn't be making it, but please do not stamp on other peoples' beliefs or specifically flame someone in the process; that's just not nice and it will not be tolerated. Everyone has different opinions and it is these opinions that make Debates so popular. Topics such as Pizza VS Pie o
  13. Hello there, When rating other people's graphical creations, please be respectful as some users will have placed a lot of effort into their creations. Produce constructive criticism and make sure that your remarks are in no way intended to hurt the feeling of the artists. Spam posts which rate works of art lowly for no reason whatsoever will NOT be tolerated, and will be addressed by a Forum Moderator. Try to make comments that would be beneficial to the artist. What could they do better to improve their work? Have fun! - RuneHQ
  14. To join RuneHQ on our Discord, please go HERE and begin setup. Please use your Forum Display Name if you have one when you connect.
  15. If you see an ad that breaks Jagex rules, is a scam/hack/cheat site, or is a questionable site, you need to get the LINK to the site! We can filter out ads on Google, but we need the site URL, a picture of the ad is USELESS. Telling us about the ad is useless. Telling us we have ads that violate the rules is USELESS, are you getting the picture here? If you see one of these ads, pm the URL to an admin and we will add it to the filter. With that being said, Sometimes the filter does not always work. We can add it and the ad may still show up. Ads are what pay for us to run this si
  16. Hello there, The feedback forum is a place where you can express new ideas for content and features that would help improve RuneHQ. If you have a complaint regarding one of our existing features or content, do not post here. Instead create a private message with the manager and admin who is in charge of that area and they will seek to resolve your issue. To see who you may need to PM with regards to your needs, see this thread. This is not a complaints forum. Thanks!
  17. When you are recruiting you will notice that your clan's topic will fall down on the page. When this happens, we allow you to "double post" (ONLY IN THIS SECTION), once every 24 hours with the word "bump". We would prefer if you had a conversation on the topic with another member of the clan, or a hopeful recruit etc., about events, turn outs, activity, that sort of thing, but if not, please resort to the fatal "bump" post. If you want your topic to be cleaned of the "bump" posts, PM a Forum Moderator and they'll clear them up! Abusing this system (ie Bumping more than several times a
  18. Looking for a clan? Looking to make a thread advertising your clan? Here's one way you can do it! Clan Recruitment Threads When making a clan recruitment thread, be sure you make it under 1mb! Most people usually start off with a clan banner (under 100kb preferably, however it can be any size under 1mb, but you'll see why it should be lower later on) at the top of the thread. They also have a link to their clan site embedded into the banner, but not to websites other then their clan. The way to do this is like this: [url=(insert clan site name here][/url] To get the di
  19. ITT we post all funny pictures taken in the chat. (2011- Present)
  20. Post all your pictures you find of famous players here. Please try to include a picture in your posts when possible. Also, this is simply to post when you see a famous player, NOT to post about discussion.
  21. Runescape 3 is finally here! Share your interface layout with the community and explain why you have it how you do.
  22. Hello there. When buying or selling items in this marketplace, please make sure that it is within the RS3 (Main Game). Thanks!
  23. Spent months and months working on a goal that you've finally accomplished? TELL US ABOUT IT! We will gladly help you celebrate your momentous occasion Please remember to keep these accomplishments to RuneScape related activities and to larger, more exciting accomplishments. While we are happy that you achieved level 5 in a skill, we do not need to hear about every level gain you make. Lower levels are still able to be posted about (for example you achieved all levels for Priff), just remember to be reasonable
  24. Hey everyone! Have you recently gotten a pet drop and want to show it off to your friends and RuneHQ? Look no further! You can start a new thread and upload your favorite pictures of your pet drops in this forum. Everyone, good luck and have fun with your pet drops! And don't forget to show us your greatest achievements!
  25. Hello everyone, While we welcome all Suggestions for game improvements and additions in this board, there are certain things which we do ask users not to suggest for various reasons. These reasons include frequent flaming of similar topics in the past, topics causing F2P vs. P2P arguments, ideas that have been suggested many times and are not discussed constructively, etc. This topic contains a list, derived from Jagex's official list, of forbidden suggestions. You may not post a suggestion that is on this list, but you may post any other suggestions. Users making these suggestions wi
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