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  1. Yes I downloaded game from the internet and I found out that some Russian hacker got my email password probably with a keylogger. So I changed everything but I forgot that my RuneScape password was the same. So one day I login and I find out that my guy is at the GE basically all my s***'s gone except the stuff that's just annoying to sell. I lost everything which was 6m. Yeah I know 6 ml is in a lot but it was a lot to me at the time I mean it's still kind of is I only have 20 mil I'm barely going to get my bond this week haha. But it gets better. So in game I was asking people hey who do I contact and tell that my account got hacked? It was so weird how quickly somebody said email mod mark..his email is mod.mark@gmail.com I don't know why I didn't think why would a moderator have a Gmail. I guess I just assumed that he was doing this kind of off-the-books helping people to ease runescapes workload??? Anyway long story short I email him and three days later he replies and asks for a selfie of me holding a picture of my full name and in-game name. So obviously I instantly reported in to Google and to RuneScape. I'm still just so shocked at how quickly some identity fraud guy replied in the world 2 g e Market. That means that people are literally just sitting there trying to scam people outside of RuneScape. There are actually felonious criminals prowling RuneScape. I wish I would have got his username so I could have reported that dumb***.
  2. Originally it was a guy in game 10 years ago or so. Obviously, I was very new at the time and I needed a good guide on free to play quests and runehq was there. It wasn't only one guy that recommended it; later on playing, it was recommended by a lot more people. So, I started thinking that this must be the official unofficial guide. Been coming back ever since.
  3. The guide says that the first character you speak to is named "Boy". Actually, his name is now Harvey. [screenshot]
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