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  1. Simple. Anything else is second best.
  2. After finally scoring a Purple Prize I was a bit let down in it's content. I don't wish to seem ungrateful but some of these "rare" prizes really are very ordinary. It used to be real treat to win one. Now I feel they are just "stocking fillers" Anybody have any thoughts on this ? 200M used to be the big prize. Now a lot of the prizes are no where near that.
  3. I would dearly love to own a Tardis. I would travel to my work Canteen and leave a few Daleks in the eating hall. When the kitchen staff were fighting them , I could slip into the kitchen and "guard" the unattended cookies. For the record my favourite Dr Who is John Pertwee..
  4. This has not included the value of seeds from the birds nests. I have around 2,500+ nests to open. I will do "nest loot" opening separately.
  5. Wishing all Clans Mates , Visitors and Guests the very best of the festive season. May the New Year be the best ever. Thank you to everyone who has helped me when I have needed it. You are all Diamonds in my book.
  6. You did not make this decision lightly. What the future holds for you now I hope is bright. Best wishes.
  7. Thank you for the comments. Toeby , since this account started.
  8. My bank so far for this account. Proof I do collect ( translation - hoard )
  9. Well done lad. Wear it with distinction.
  10. mafchief


    Wow.....1,000 assignments. I cant fathom that total. I have done exactly "0" assignments. Congratulations.
  11. Congratulations all achievers.