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  1. Well done to everybody who attained a rank up.
  2. Came back to the game and got two Purple Gems in one day. Maybe an enticement to play more ?
  3. Well done to all the new achievers
  4. Well done on your achievement. Keep the 99's a flowing.
  5. mafchief

    99 Mining!

    Congratulations to a worthy recipient.
  6. Grats to Telle and Grats to Aze. An effort to be proud of.
  7. Completed all the Boric and Doric tasks. What an annoying waste of time that was. I will however take all the charges on my Gofannon Amulet.
  8. Grats young fella. That's why I am in the Arc now. Before they mess up all the good stuff there.
  9. After 148 days at 100% this is what I got. Most focus was on herbs and a few on logs. 100% for those days was 148 x $ 75,000 = $ 11,100,000. Return was $ 19M. Nett profit was about $ 7,900,000. This did not take into account any nests opened for seeds or jewellery. That is the next project when I get some time. Nests collection so far is shown.
  10. Don't you sleep ?? Congratulations.
  11. Congratulations to rank up players
  12. New location / update screenshot for clue. New location is "east of lodestone , south of archery shop" as per screenshot.
  13. Karramja Clue Update. Screenshot update needed. Included. New location
  14. Medium CoOrdinate Clue 00 degrees 18 minutes south 09 degrees 28 minutes east Gold rocks no longer in game. Dig in same spot. Image screen shot included.
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