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  1. Congratulations to everybody that progressed. Keep up the good work.
  2. My nett earn each day was about 171,800 odd, after the 75k upkeep fees daily. Not bad for doing virtually nothing. This does not factor in the gain from any seeds or jewellry from birds nests collected. Included is my career nests so far and my unopened nests collection.
  3. Nice accomplishment. Congratulations.
  4. Had too much on my plate to do many clues. Good luck to all participants and to the winners. Here is my stash and my end result. 31 completed.
  5. I have levelled this item to level 20 and have found the perks activate much more frequently than normally. This is the only advantage to gaining this much exp. Considering I already have 200M Arch and Invention exp, this exercise could be considered futile. I have Precise 6 and Prosper and get clues very often. Mainly they are Elite clues with a few Hards. Had one Easy clue once.
  6. Congratulations to all the new rank gainers.
  7. Congratulations and may your passion continue.
  8. congratulations to all rank increasers. keep it up.
  9. Well done everyone. Keep achieving and supporting our Clan.
  10. The last 3 or 4 weeks I have been doing a lot of running / training. Lost 13kgs all up so far. Going out at 05.00 am is not much fun when you know the sweats going to be up soon. I discovered the Donnas and have been listening to them since. At home I have even been drumming to their tunes. Wish I discovered them sooner. Cant convince my sons band to play any of their tunes. All I ever do for them is speed metal. On the drums I get no say. Might go back to keyboards or guitar. I prefer less pace. Until I find another "girl band" I shall be listening to them on the trusty ( rusty ) iPod. Rock
  11. Congratulations everyone. Well done on your efforts.
  12. All of my tasks are disabled except for Farming. Always get a collect task from herb patches.
  13. Well done to everybody who attained a rank up.
  14. Well done to all the new achievers
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