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  1. You did not make this decision lightly. What the future holds for you now I hope is bright. Best wishes.
  2. Thank you for the comments. Toeby , since this account started.
  3. My bank so far for this account. Proof I do collect ( translation - hoard )
  4. Well done lad. Wear it with distinction.
  5. mafchief


    Wow.....1,000 assignments. I cant fathom that total. I have done exactly "0" assignments. Congratulations.
  6. Congratulations all achievers.
  7. My Green Dragons recently bred and I got a Blue Dragon Egg. So it is possible !
  8. I recently noticed I have a few Hearts of Ice and Loyalty Points. I never use them. How many do you have ?
  9. I was collecting Dragon Manure ( as you do ) on the farm. This popped up. Odd but I feel lucky about it. It came with a title. Mod Dolan's rubber duck.
  10. Three keys. Second one was ten key collect. Second one of that was another Purple Gem.....sigh. Woe is me.
  11. Well done. The dedication has paid off.
  12. To make the new Ultra Compost you need to be able to do the new Player Owned Farms activity up to the level of dragons. At that level you can collect Dragon Manure ( 1 per bucket ) and turn it into Ultra Compost. You need an empty bucket for each pile collected. You add 15 buckets of Dragon Manure into a compost bin by clicking the bucket then the compost bin. Ultra Compost offers a 95% disease free chance per use. Maturity time is the same for all compost types.