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  1. All of my tasks are disabled except for Farming. Always get a collect task from herb patches.
  2. Well done to everybody who attained a rank up.
  3. Well done to all the new achievers
  4. Don't you sleep ?? Congratulations.
  5. Congratulations to rank up players
  6. New location / update screenshot for clue. New location is "east of lodestone , south of archery shop" as per screenshot.
  7. Karramja Clue Update. Screenshot update needed. Included. New location
  8. Medium CoOrdinate Clue 00 degrees 18 minutes south 09 degrees 28 minutes east Gold rocks no longer in game. Dig in same spot. Image screen shot included.
  9. Well done to everyone. Keep up the great work.
  10. Simple. Anything else is second best.
  11. I would dearly love to own a Tardis. I would travel to my work Canteen and leave a few Daleks in the eating hall. When the kitchen staff were fighting them , I could slip into the kitchen and "guard" the unattended cookies. For the record my favourite Dr Who is John Pertwee..
  12. Congratulations all achievers.
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