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  1. Cleaning out the bank of rubbish to replace it with better rubbish. Some odd Geodes from a bit of mining and a few Parcels. Was not really collecting them , they just happened. Then some Menaphos boxes from City Quests 25 Larges
  2. Congratulations. A big plus in your progress.
  3. Two purple gems in one day. They must have felt guilty about short changing me in the past.
  4. Tree and herb runs are the best steady way for exp points. If you TRULY want to farm , do chain farming. That is the Best way to get continuous ongoing farming experience , in my opinion. Lots of good guides available. Once you are within 50M of maxing out do any mini game or extra experience gaining activity that grants farming exp. With P.O.F now it's so much easier than when I did farming. From 100M to 200M exp only took me a few weeks the old ways. Now it should be predominantly quicker. Good luck and happy farming.
  5. 1,239 seems to the average amount of kills for me. I collect Hard clue scrolls 25 at a time then do them. Have collected them three times now in this way. This seems like an average collect amount for me. Maybe it's quicker or slower for you ? Scrolls collected from Taverley Resource Dungeon. No time frame was logged. Odd drops were spirit gems and I used Spring Cleaner for the other drops. Worth a few hundred thousand there. Good luck to you !
  6. Well done on your attainment of the pet.
  7. New location / update screenshot for clue. New location is "east of lodestone , south of archery shop" as per screenshot.
  8. Karramja Clue Update. Screenshot update needed. Included. New location
  9. Medium CoOrdinate Clue 00 degrees 18 minutes south 09 degrees 28 minutes east Gold rocks no longer in game. Dig in same spot. Image screen shot included.
  10. A decent return and the ReRoll was good too. Justice at last.
  11. All I can say is I am never going back there.
  12. This is why I admire Zing. He just keeps keeping on.
  13. I stopped chasing the beans but after selling off a truckload of Dragons I had enough for this.
  14. Congratulations. Another one crossed off the list.