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  1. Wow. A big grats on one of the less exciting skills.
  2. Today finally hit the big 200. Completed the Orthen mysteries as a bonus about the same time. Looking forward to dissembling a few thousand artifacts for components now.
  3. After sitting in the 190's for a couple of years I decided to convert all my lvl 12's. I did the last 8M or so in one hit. I hoard too much. I wont be doing that again.
  4. Congratulations to all the new rank gainers.
  5. Congratulations on your 200M gain.
  6. Here are some examples of why I may need a new laptop. First I get a screen then after a delay the rest of the graphics eventually load. It is sometimes interesting to see the difference. Same spot before and after shots.
  7. After a long wait of 250 days kept at 100% (that was a task in itself) I finally got a "Coffers are Full" message. I had to clear 21 extra bank spaces to allow the loot (my bank is full). Total costs at 75k per day x 250 days was 18,750,000 running costs. Collect loot total was as follows; Nett profits worked out at 144,000 odd per day. I did sell all the herbs at around 8% over mid so profits were higher. Added bonus is that my birds nests collection is fractionally under 5,000 unopened at the moment. Wonder what value is in those ?
  8. Congratulations and may your passion continue.
  9. congratulations to all rank increasers. keep it up.
  10. Today I converted enough artefacts to go from level 116 to level 120+. I have been collecting artefacts since they were worth 25.000 exp or more each, to convert. I ended up with about 925 odd to convert. I miscalculated a bit and had about 3 million extra exp over. The materials costs were enormous, value wise, to convert all of these. Started at 76,193,684 exp and finished at 108,708,579 exp. A total gain of 32,514,895 exp. The hoarded artefacts are shown. I would not suggest to use this method as it is extremely slow. Converting the 900 odd aretfacts only took about 1h
  11. Well done everyone. Keep achieving and supporting our Clan.
  12. Too much collecting and not enough converting artefacts ? How is this compared to your assortment ?
  13. The last 3 or 4 weeks I have been doing a lot of running / training. Lost 13kgs all up so far. Going out at 05.00 am is not much fun when you know the sweats going to be up soon. I discovered the Donnas and have been listening to them since. At home I have even been drumming to their tunes. Wish I discovered them sooner. Cant convince my sons band to play any of their tunes. All I ever do for them is speed metal. On the drums I get no say. Might go back to keyboards or guitar. I prefer less pace. Until I find another "girl band" I shall be listening to them on the trusty ( rusty ) iPod. Rock
  14. Congratulations everyone. Well done on your efforts.
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