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  1. After four straight attempts (a bit embarrassed) I defeated Jad and received my first ever fire cape! Also recently finished the Curses quest line yesterday, which I was waiting to do before attempting the Fight Cave again (tried one time before a while back)...Super stoked, Super tired, Super happy and relieved!!! I should have finished it my third attempt, however I focused on killing the healers opposed to ignoring them, and after doing so I didn't realize that they would just come back and ended up messing up a pray flick and dying All in all it was a fun challenge as well as good practice learning how to pray flick between Soul Split and protect curses. Now considering grinding out 99 slay as my next goal Thanks everyone who offered some input, as always it is much appreciated
  3. nice ari, im glad I got it done before update to pof
  4. congrats dude, I am honestly not looking forward to the mining lol
  5. dude this is beyond awesome, congrats! Wish I was on to see this
  6. thanks all, happy to get this one done
  7. I just made up all of the extremes I needed for overloads which carried me through 96, the xp wasn't even an issue considering how many overloads I was making. the ranged and magic pots were fastest though since the materials needed are stackable
  8. Starting at level 84 on Wednesday (5 nights total), I finished my 5th 99 I made 3350 Overload pots which I will be mixing into Holy Overloads at some point. FEELING ACCOMPLISHED
  9. thx dudes, im stoked
  10. knocked out my third 99, next up....FISHING
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