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  1. Where it says "To Start: Shantay or one of his assistants and anyone else you find there." Not sure what that means... But to start the quest just speak with Irena right outside the shantay pass.
  2. Require minimap screenshots in places that aren't obvious.
  3. Recommend: Ardougne teleport method in the beginning. Combat bracelet for ranging guild teleport to get to dungeon quicker. Any means of negative weight, don't need spotted or spottier capes anymore. A way to cut the web to grab the boots in the dungeon. Step 6 recommends grabbing around 50 arrows, then step 7 says 'after you've grabbed around 20-25', these arrows are extremely tedious to grab because the chest that you loot them from moves every time. I would change step 6 to say 20-25 as well.
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