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Forum Awards and how to Get Them

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This is a complete list of the forum awards and what they mean and how to get them:

Post count awards:

These are awarded when your post count total hits the award amount. 

  • 250post.png 250 Posts
  • 500 Posts
  • 1000 Posts
  • 2000 Posts
  • 3000 Posts


Staff awards:

These are awarded when years on staff pass the specified milestone. 

  • staff1.png1 year of service
  • staff2.png2 years of service
  • staff3.png3 years of service
  • staff4.png4 years of service
  • staff5.png5 years of service
  • staff10.png10 years of service
  • FeaturedStaffMember.pngFeatured staff member award that is given to staff members who were a featured staff member for a period of time. (This program is not currently being used but may come back in the future.)


Holiday Awards:

These are given out for being involved in specific events during special times of the year.

  • christmas.pngRuneHQ Christmas Partygoer: Awarded to those who participated in a RuneHQ Christmas Competition or Event!
  • egg6.pngEggfinder General: Awarded to those who participated in a RuneHQ Easter Competition or Event!
  • present.pngRuneHQ Birthday Partier: Awarded to those who participated in a RuneHQ Birthday Competition or Event!
  • scavanger.pngScavenger Hunt: Awarded to those who participated in a RuneHQ Scavenger Hunt Competition or Event!
  • madmay.pngMad May Master: This award is given to those who hit the hidden criteria during Mad May!


Event competition awards:

These are awarded when a forum member attends a specified number of in-game RuneHQ events.

  • bronze_medal.pngEvents Regular: 5 events
  • Silver_Medal.pngEvents Veteran: 20 events
  • goldmedal2.pngEvents Champion: 50 events
  • diety.pngEvents Deity: 100 events


Forum competition awards:

These are awarded when a forum member participates in a specified number of on forum events or competitions.

  • compreg.pngForum Competition Regular: 5 events
  • vet.pngForum Competition Veteran: 15 events
  • champ.pngForum Competition Champion: 30 events


Miscellaneous Awards:

These awards don't fit in any other category.

  • advancedmember.pngAdvanced Member award: Given to those who financially give to help support the RuneHQ site.
  • donoraward.pngRHQ Competition & Events Fund Donor: Awarded to those who donate a significant amount to the RuneHQ Community Competition Fund! (there is a required amount but it is not a public number).  If you wish to donate to the reward fund please contact the Events team or Community Crew Management.
  • FeaturedMember.pngRuneHQ Featured Member: Given to a forum member who was featured for being involved with the community.
    • Currently this award is not being given out but may come back in the future.
  • whovian.pngWhovian, super_natural.pngSupernaturalist,brony.png Bronyhood awards: These awards are given out showing that you are a fan of one of the following shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, or My Little Ponies. These have no requirements you just need to request it. Post here to request one.


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