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OSRS Mobile has enticed many older players to return. I have used many forums over the years, since returning to Runescape, I have longed for a thriving, active community. Having used RuneHQ for a very long time for it’s amazing guides and tips, I looked and registered on the forum.


RuneHQ is an extremely popular site, yet it’s community seems to be lacking, especially OSRS. Having scrolled through the forums, I can see various topics have the “tags” to differentiate between OSRS and RS3. From my own personal experience this makes for a slightly annoying browse. As an OSRS player, I only particularly care for OSRS related subjects. 


Alas, I have been around since RSClassic, yet I have only just registered on the forums. Why is that? I’ve known about the guides, tips, calculators etc for a very long time but not the forums? As things are changing drastically ingame and a huge influx of returning users this an optimal time to become the leading fan forum.


RS3 and OSRS are different games and should warrant their own forum, team and events. I apologise if this has been suggested or is in the pipeline. The forums need to take more forefront. 


Regardless, this is the community I’m going to use and hopefully help shape.

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