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  1. Have a Bright and Burning Day!

  2. I think that single-tiered is better. I know in the past, staff (mainly management) struggled to come up with benefits for AM that could work and be used by all. If you split it up, you'll risk that same event happening. Just my opinion.
  3. I don't play often enough @ChathMurrpau@Hitori, but I probably wouldn't mind giving info for low-end content, since my characters are all low levels.
  4. Back in the late 00's, I used to cycle between RuneHQ, Tip.it, and Zybez. RuneHQ was always most updated (even if there were those random guides that were really out of date ). This became more prominent in the new RuneHQ era with a complete changeup in the design and everything. Eventually, I left Zybez in the dust because RuneHQ/Tip.it had it pretty much down. I was actually oblivious that Wiki came out until 2013, when it starts booming in popularity. After that, it was a matter of lag and updates, which continues today. Tip.it is pretty much afk now, Zybez is closing down. The only
  5. Welcome to the forums, this time on a post and not just a status update . Hope you enjoy your stay!
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