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  1. Does this mean I get the cabbage stack now?
  2. That is true. They are replacing it with another item.
  3. I've been looking recently, as well, and G4UAFS is a decent clan thus far. It is a clan centered around a "gaming nerd" of sorts, who does a plethora of games and details his adventures, going into games on new accounts and playing "from scratch". Pretty welcoming clan, and no one cares how high or low your stats are. Pop in and see if that's what you're looking for.
  4. I think that single-tiered is better. I know in the past, staff (mainly management) struggled to come up with benefits for AM that could work and be used by all. If you split it up, you'll risk that same event happening. Just my opinion.
  5. Cape pictures soon (November 18, 2018) Next up, eta next DXPW: Agility.
  6. Add me please, but make a note that I only want this to be for DXPW competitions.
  7. Check what discounts your insurance place offers. I know (from experience) that StateFarm has some good discounts, such as Steer Clear and ones based on HS grades.
  8. -5. Back to non-staff yooo.
  9. Loving that cape! Pretty excited about this skill
  10. It's been an amazing 2 1/2 years as staff, and 4 1/2 years thus far in the community. I'll be sticking around a bit, so don't fret.
  11. I'd really like all of Kourend to be closer together and this kind of does that. So much run was wasted trying to get to each house and I had to stop training there because it was a lot.
  12. This gives me hope, especially considering the fact I have YET to do Tourist Trap as a level 106(ish)... Congrats!