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This is a Staff Group that can view the Staff Boards. Users in this group help out by editing the Site Guides and Databases. They keep the site up-to-date with the newest Guides and Calculators, as well as Persons, Items, and Monsters.



Users can join this group by filling out an application, here, after reviewing all topics with this subforum. Please note that short applications with bad grammar and spelling won't even be looked at. Write an in-depth application with correct grammar and spelling to be considered. Please note that this is not the only thing we look for in Applications. There are a lot of things which we require from our future Staff. Often times, we find that RuneHQ Content Editors are chosen from those who actively post updates and changes in our submissions forum. Contributing to the site regularly can also help you in your application.

Content Editors that go above and beyond the normal duties are deemed as Senior Content Editors. They consistently update the site and are the go-to people for any submission related questions.

Content Editors have a Rank Image on their profile and next to all their posts, saying "Content Editor" and Senior Content Editors have one that  saying "Senior Content Editor" .

       image.png.b64c655087cf3a99aa1d94e077e44e27.png            image.png.bcf58153c7495fe5e8d0630becb4320b.png 



Still want to giveback to RuneHQ, but you're not a Staff Member? You can always submit new updates and information in our Content Submissions board.


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